Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Update #19 Weeds, Blood and Suicide Squirrels

Work on Friday was murder....it sucked...it was hell on earth. It was just one of those days. Nothing was going right.....nothing was working out....everything was going wrong. It was so bad, I actually got online to see if it was a full moon.

When I left work, I took a detour on my normal route home and stopped by Blockbuster. I had a plan for the night.

Weeds Season 4 had just been released. I was going to watch the entire season, in one sitting. While drinking a tasty beverage or two. (or three)

(or four)

And, I did just that.

What a messed up show. It cracks me up all the things those writers put her through!!! :-)

At 12:30 I shut off the TV, put the last DVD into it's case, and went to bed.

I felt much better than I did when I left work at 5:00. A little TV (an alcohol) therapy to the rescue!! :-)

Saturday was a strange day. Tom woke me up when he got home. And I went back to sleep when he came to bed. They'd had calls all night, so we was bushed. I woke up about 9:00 I would guess, and went out to the living room to keep from waking him.

Once he got up...we headed out for lunch. From there, he decided he wanted to go to Cabela's and wonder around. We didn't have any plans for the day, but neither of us wanted to go home. We ended up at Bass Pro Shops instead of Cabelas...but were only there for 10 minutes at the most.

A very small thing started a very large battle between us. (It's always the small things that get ya!!)

It resulted in us storming out to the Jeep, not together...and leaving to go back home. In complete silence.

The silence lasted through most of the afternoon.

Marriage is so much fun sometimes. :-)

I've been reading a series of books, off and on, since November. I picked one up as reading material for our flight home from Portland. Last week I found out there is an HBO series based on these books. So.....since we weren't talking, the day was pretty much wasted....and I didn't feel like doing anything productive...I checked out the first season of True Blood on HBO On Demand.

It follows the books pretty darned closely. I watched 2 or 3 episodes, then went to bed.

I had high hopes for Sunday. Get up, get ready for the day, take the bike out and get some riding in.

I love rainy days.....but why does it only rain when I have plans that rain can possibly spoil? :-)

I finally got sick of waiting for the next rain event to happen. So I put my bike rack on the car and headed out...with raincoat in hand. About halfway to the trail entrance, I realized I'd forgotten my bottle of water, so I stopped at a gas station along the way.

The guy behind the counter called me Sweetie and was flirting with me. Gotta love a little boost to the ole' ego. :-) :-)

As I was taking my bike off the rack an old guy walked up to me. "You better hurry...or you're going to get wet." I told him I was sick of waiting for it to clear off, and brought my jacket. He said it was nice to see a young person who isn't so spoiled. Who can take a little rain.

I rode for about an hour....only 11 or so miles. But it was nice to get out and ride. It was nice to have the trail almost to myself.

And it was nice to scare the crap out of the three 14 year-olds who thought they were hot sh*t on the trail. Riding around like a biker gang.....making comments to anyone that went by.

And, if anyone reading this is an avid biker, I'm not pointing fingers at you, and please do not take this personally....but what is it with the road bikers in Omaha? Is it like this everywhere?? Why can't you smile when you pass someone? Why can't you say hello back when you stop at the same water fountain I've stopped at? What is it about those spandex shorts, and fancy jerseys that make you act so darned....well.....different than the rest of us??

When you ride a motorcycle, 99% of bikers will wave at each other when they pass on the highway. When you sing in a quartet or chorus, 99% of other singers in similar groups will smile and wave, or give a friendly hello. When out kayaking on a local lake, 99% of other kayakers and canoeists will smile...or strike up a conversation at the boat launch. When out running, 99% of the runners I pass will at least try and smile. :-)

But cyclists in Omaha riding between 12:30 and 2:00 on Sunday afternoon are really stuck up. 1 of them, not 1%...ONE OF THEM was friendly enough to smile. I understand they're deep in concentration, they are trying to better their time, or whatever....but they all made eye contact. So why not return a friendly smile?? Omaha riders, does smiling somehow make you less streamlined?

I made it through my ride without getting rained on, without getting attacked by the wild geese on the trail, without falling off the trail while trying to avoid the suicide black squirrel running across my path.....but....for not having ridden in quite some time....my rear was sore! Bicycle seats are the invention of the devil...Satan himself. :-)

At one point, when the trail takes me under Blondo Street...I could hear sirens in the distance. Just as I got to Blondo...my hubby speeds by in his ambulance. I waved....but they didn't see me. Silly them, concentrating on saving someone's life and all. :-)

Once home, I hobbled to the couch, and watched some more True Blood. Being lazy is OK if you've just gotten back from doing something active. Really, it is! I read it somewhere. :-)

All in all, a pretty boring weekend. No photographic evidence to be posted or anything! :-)


Heinous said...

The bikers around here usually smile. Until a busy weekend hits and we get a lot of vacationers on our rails-to-trail path.

Nej said...

I'm going to have to go out again (tonight if it's not raining too badly) and see if it happens. I hate to make a snap judgement on Omaha bike riders. But if Sunday was any indication, then ouch! :-)

Great to see you blogging again!!! :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

I believe all bikers should be pointed at. Stands to reason.

Employee No. 3699 said...

So, did you love season 4 of Weeds? I just watched the first episode for this season and am waiting impatiently for next Monday.

I watched True Blood last season. My sister read the books and said the show was very close to them.

Nej said...

Season 4 was good. I miss the theme song from the previous seasons though! :-) :-) :-)

I guessed what the cliffhanger was going to be at the end of the season. I'm starting to think like the Weeds writers...which, honestly, scares me! :-)

True Blood does follow the books pretty closely. I'm not sure if I like the TV version though. The jury is still out. :-)