Thursday, June 4, 2009

See what happens....

....when I leave my laptop at home, unattended....while Mot is home alone. :-)

I've been hijacked!!!!

Mot put to words some of his thoughts about some of our firsts. First time we met, day we got married, first vacation I thought I'd give you my side of the stories.

The day we met...
If you want my version of the first day we met....then you can read about it here. (It's a little wordier than his version....go figure. I have diarrhea of the fingers sometimes.)


Brook calls it love at first sight. I think Mot and I will agree it was definitely attraction at first sight, at the very least. :-) :-)

Our wedding day...
Oh geez. What a day! We had originally planned on eloping, for real. No family, just two friends as witnesses. Maybe in Vegas, maybe on a cruise ship.......

I say planned, in the past tense, because it didn't work out that way. You see...Mot told a buddy of his about the wedding. No big deal, I was OK with that.

That buddy went home and told his parents. Still OK.

His parents told his grandmother. Hmmmm....

His grandmother and Mot's grandmother play cards together.


We still had our two best buddies come as witnesses.....but we ended up with family in attendance. And, if you know us, you know we aren't attention seeking people.

We got married on a Thursday in the year 2000. I called the county courthouse to find a judge to handle the wedding....and was able to book a judge over his lunch hour, for $20. (hehe)

Mot and I literally spent the ENTIRE "ceremony" giggling like junior high kids in a sex ed class.

The one wedding picture we have. :-)

Our first real vacation together...
I originally started this blog as a place to type out the journals I started keeping while on vacations with Mot. So, there is actually even a post for the vacation, and storm he's talking

But...because I feel it my obligation to provide you with new, non regurgitated information...BEHOLD!!!!

I have photographic evidence of the events......never before seen (Unless you broke into my house and dug through old boxes of pictures. Next time just need to sneak around!)

The road to Toadstool Park.

The campground at Toadstool Park.

Just over the hill from the campsite. Moonscape!!

The storm Mot mentioned.

More storm coming.

What we did after we left Custer State Park. The real reason we headed to that part of the country. Wild spelunking tour of Windcave.

We had a blast!!!


Employee No. 3699 said...

That first picture of the storm looks like a giant spaceship hovering overhead. And spelunking? No way I could try that, I’d get all claustrophobic!

mo.stoneskin said...

Surely he knew that card-playing elderly folk cannot be trusted? Surely!

Nej said...

#3699 - I totally think of the movie Independence Day whenever I think back to that day.....or when I see the pictures. :-)

Mo - they definitely cannot be trusted. I think he's learned his lesson. If anything, it made him realize, eloping and telling no one, means eloping and telling no one. It's a small world ya know! :-)

Brook said...

That totally counts as love at first sight-that first look tells you right off hte bat if it could be a go(some study somewhere concluded that most men when asked claimed that they knew within mere seconds that She was The One-I don't remember if there was a similar study conducted with women). And yeah-old people are blabber mouths but at least you have one photo of the wedding. As for spelunking-yikes! Just going into a cave and "wandering around" would be fun though.

Nej said...

@ Brook, as far as I know, that's the only existing picture. Unless someone took some and didn't tell me. :-) :-)

Spelunking was/is great! I just make sure the biggest person in the group is ahead of me...then I know I'll fit if they do. (hehe)