Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Million Dollar Idea

So...I drive a two door car. I've ridden in many a two door vehicle.

Why is it that all two door vehicles have doors that won't stay open when you open them? Maybe someone out there can answer? Is there a car designer reading this post???

Someone could make millions with the idea. A door that stays open when you open it.


I pull up into the parking lot at work today, about 8:05. I was late because I couldn't find anything to wear. I know, I very cliche of me. :-)

I'm wearing a skirt. I'm not much of a skirt person, but find I wear them quite a bit in the summer, because I HATE THE HEAT...and skirts are like instant air conditioning.

I only mention what I was wearing, because the days I wear skirts are usually the days I wonder why the car door won't stay open.

I shut off the engine and realize I have quite a few things to carry this morning; purse, a lunch bag, my peanut butter-mocha-java-flax seed smoothie, and my car keys.

I open the car door enough for me to get out, but not enough to hit the car next to me. There's no wind, so leaving it open without holding on for dear life should be safe.

I turn away from the door to grab my loot.....and I hear the sound that ticks me off OH so much.


I look over and my car door has come closed.


I look at my lap, and stare at my skirt.


I open the door again (enough to get out, but not enough to hit the car next to me)....stick my leg out of the car to hold the door open....all the while praying someone doesn't drive by and admire the "view" I'm surely giving them.

I turn back to grab my pile of crap and then try to get out of the car.

My car sits there's a dance move (of sorts) I have to do to get out from under the steering wheel without thumping my knees....raising myself into a standing position while trying not to hit my head....avoiding smacking my elbow on the window....shying away from getting my hair caught on the edge of the the visor.....and all the while, doing this with no hands (because I'm carrying a purse, a lunch bag, a smoothie and my car keys)............and only one leg, because the other one is still stuck out in front of me keeping the *&%^$@& car door from shutting on me yet again!!!



Badass Geek said...

Oh, I have a ton of million dollar ideas. Except... they probably wouldn't make me a million dollars.

Nej said...

No, my million dollar ideas would surely cost me money in the long run....but at least I wouldn't have to worry about the door shutting on me again. (hehe)

Brook said...

Those 2 door cars have heavy longer doors usually-D's mustang doors weigh a ton and our driveway is uphill-forget that damn thing staying open ever-I'm lucky I haven't lost a leg to that hungry beast.
And surely you were wearing panties anyway right? ;)

Nej said...

@ Brook...much longer, and much heavier!!! Uphill driveways are the worst for them...I feel for you! And on windy days...well, you may as well just go home, or look for two open spaces together. :-)

Panties, check. :-)