Friday, May 8, 2009

Where in the world......???

I'm bored folks. It's 3:51 pm, on a Friday afternoon. The sun is shining, the grass is green, my deck is finally finished, and I'm stuck here. With nothing to do. I must spend the next 68 minutes looking busy....when, in reality, I'm anything but. I'm poking around online, I see that I've had 1000 hits on my blog (from the US) since it's inception. 1000 seems like a really round and nice number, doesn't it?

When I researched what keywords are bringing people around....this is what I found.

To some of these, I just shake my head. :-)

Asian girl alone caught masturbating on hidden cam free video
Seriously?? What could I have possibly written to direct this poor soul in my direction??

Bathroom performers in Hobart, Australia
Sadly, I'm intrigued. Do they dance, play music? Inquiring minds want to know.

Corey Miller tattoos the bag of a fireman

David Duchovny came early gym to exercise February 18, 2009
Stalker much???

Drinking Des Moines
When? Sign me up!!!
To each his own I suppose.

non nude big fat bellies and boobs
Should I take offense to this?

Pantyhose garbagecan
Oh yeah? Well...watermelon clockradio...right back at cha!

It was then I stopped looking.....some things are just better left unknown. :-)

32 minutes and counting


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I used to do this a lot, too. But then people just were looking for the pictures I slap up on my excuse for a blog, and so I got bored with it. No one ever looked for anything cool, except "groundhog's mouth"

Brook said...

I have no idea how to do the tracking thing. I am horribly non savvy when it comes to alot of stuff here in internet land. I always hated trying to look busy too-at the bank you never knew if someone was going to come in so there was no leaving early-plus I needed the money. But damn, how many times can you straighten and reorganize your desk?

Nej said...

@ Mo - your excuse for a blog? Don't sell yourself short. Besides....I don't want to be told I enjoy reading an excuse for a blog. :-) :-)

@ Brook - I'm coming across how to do this stuff by accident mostly.

By 2:00, my desk was squeaky clean, everything was beyond organized, and you'd think someone would have notice I kept returning to the same excel document when someone walked by. "Why has Jen spent so much time looking at that one sheet today?" :-) :-)