Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Update #15, Star Trek, Pottery, and MRI's

Busy weekend! It's Sunday night already, I can't believe it!!!!

Friday night was going to be rest and relaxation at home. Our first night at home, together, without some sort of construction project looming or needing completed.

That rest and relaxation at home lasted until about 8:00 when we got a call from some friends....who wanted to meet to see the new Star Trek movie.

We agreed to meet them for the 9:00 pm showing....and I'm glad we did! Great, great, great movie. It really was. They did an awesome job casting the roles, it was entertaining, funny, and enjoyable. I went in not knowing what to expect. And, because it's a new movie, I'll stop talking now. No spoilers from me (unless you ask really nice). :-)

Saturday morning we got up early (thanks to the cats), and jumped into cleaning the house. Tom's folks were coming by to see the work we've done around the house, so we took an hour to do a quick top to bottom cleaning.

From there we left to pick up Steve, to go pottery shopping. While building the deck last weekend, he told me about an awesome Mexican pottery place in South Omaha.....and I squealed with delight (literally, it was embarrassing actually!). So, Saturday was the day we decided to get together and head over to check it out.

I'm in love. It's my new favorite store....truly!!! :-) The World of Mexican Pottery. The place is two stories of nothing but pottery. Floor to ceiling. All colors, shapes, sizes....and cheap. I'm in love!!!!!!!!

I can promise you that will not be my last visit!!!! :-)

We walked across the street to pay, the checkout is located in the boot shop across the street.

Brook...I think I found the boots you've been looking for!!! :-) :-) :-)

What, you don't like those? Well, how about these? The had them in every color of the rainbow...literally. :-)

From there, we came home to unload our purchase. We've lovingly dubbed it "the tomato."

I then took Steve back to his vehicle and Mot ran to the store for groceries. By the time we both got back, Mot's parents were waiting in the driveway. We made a "small" lunch (it was HUGE!), showed them everything we've done around the hosue....and then they left.

We puttered around the house a little, then started a fire in the christen it (and make my key lime cheesecake for mother's day the next day).

Sunday started off with a bang. Mot went to get dressed and found the cat had....well..peed in the laundry basket holding his clean clothes. (Isn't pet ownership fun sometimes?)

So, he left for work, commando (good thing he has to keep spare clothes in his locker at the fire station), while I jumped into re-doing all the laundry. :-)

At one point in the morning, I heard two car doors close in the driveway....when I went to investigate, I caught Danny and Steve getting ready to leave.

When I went out to see what they were doing....Steve jumped out of the car....big grin on his face.

The boys: Hey, you're home.

Nej: Yeah (suspiciously)...what's up?

Boys: Nothing, what's up with you? We brought you a present.

Nej: A present? Where?

Boys: On your deck.

We have furniture now!!!!! Aren't they sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I was shocked....and didn't know what to say. And I owe them both a big hug next time I see them. Dummy me just stared at the table and chairs like a goof! :-) (I try to reel in the over-the-top Nej that is brewing just below the surface. Must not look silly. It's the introverted shy girl in me! Damn her!!!!)

My sister and hubby picked me up about 12:30, and the three of us headed to Wilson Island State Park. Mom fell a few months ago and broke her elbow. The elbow is healed, but her shoulder is messed she had an MRI scheduled for 1:45.

She was terrified.....

...but felt much better when it was all done! :-)

While Inny and I were waiting for her, we found the vending machines, finally found dollar bills the ()$*^&##@)$(*@-ing machine would take, and then scoped out an empty waiting room. We munched on our healthy snacks (ugh) and watched a ballroom dancing competition. :-)

(The MRI truck. Pretty cool, huh?)

When it was all over, we took her back to the campsite to meet up with my brother in law, niece, nephew and grandma, for a mother's day small scale potluck meal.

We played games, talked, ate, and just hung out. It was really, really nice!!!!!

(The tree they tried to burn down. OK, OK,they didn't ember jumped from the fire they thought was completely out, into the wood pile, which then caught the tree on fire. Mom is going to kill me for putting this pic on here. Luckily a drunk wandered by their site at about 3:00 am, discovered the fire, put it out....then went back to bed. They had no idea what had happened, until Brandon asked "Grandma, where did our pile of wood go?" :-)

(The only way to get cellphone reception in the park. On top of a table. And even then, it's iffy.)

(Inny and my bro in law. They just bought a house - close at the end of the month. They are soooo excited!!)

(Brandon ridding the area of dandelions, one smack at a time.)

(Lauren in braided pigtails. Love it!!!)

(We played a game of Sorry Express.)

(Never, I repeat, NEVER buy these! Mozzarella stick Pringles. I tried one, against my better judgement. I was right....should always trust the inner judgement!!!) :-)~

From there, I came home, did some more laundry, watched a little Top Gun....and then headed to bed.

Not too bad a weekend if I do say so myself!!!


mo.stoneskin said...

My word, I'm not quite sure what to say, you covered quite a lot there! I do love those 'tomato'/chimnio things and looks to me like some of those boots should be made illegal...

Nej said...

@ Mo - my goal is to have a weekend where I have little to nothing to write about. Friday, went home and watched TV. Saturday, never changed from PJ's, watched 7 movies and took a 2 hour nap. Sunday, woke up at noon...made a bagel, and went back to bed. :-)

If anything, busy weekends make for horribly long Monday updates. :-) :-)

Brook said...

Star Trek was AWESOME! I love the "tomato", you have some great friends and I'm sure they know you well enough by now to get the toe scrubbing self restraint bit. Sorry-those don't look like my boots. But I do like green. I'm glad the tree didn't come down and I sure hope the drunk didn't pee on the fire to put it out. Peeyeeew.
Looks like you had a fun day woth your family.
Cat pee is gross.
What else????????
A nice event free weekend would be nice.

Nej said...

The boots got me to giggling...and Tom said something like "Jen, it's probably not the most polite thing you could do here." I was just trying to figure out what boot size I was in mens. :-) :-) They are just ugly enough to be cool. He thinks I'm crazy. :-) :-)

He's still not talking to the cats, as he doesn't know which is the guilty party. Not sure what he did to tick them off like that. :-)

nibor said...

Sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend! I love the "tomato" can't wait to come over and see it with the new table and chairs :-)

Nej said...

@ nibor - more like exhausting really. :-)

We had to put some more pavers under the tomato.....we're using 4 to make a big diamond, instead of just the one. The radiant heat from that thing is going to scorch the deck. :-) :-)