Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post-it's and Freeze Pops

OK...so my post earlier this morning was a bit of a downer. I apologize for that. Life sucks sometimes. :-(

In return for bringing tears to some people's eyes (Brook and Emp #3699 - sorry about that)...I thought I'd share a dream I had last night.

Some days, my own mind scares me!

So...I'm at work. It's not my actual real life work building....it's a dream work building. 3 stories tall....and a least 2 city blocks long. And narrow.

Anyway, I'm in a meeting with co-workers. The co-workers are all people from my life, that I don't see anymore. We're on the 3rd floor, at the very end of the building.

I look up at the window, just in time to see the underside of an airplane going over the building. But it's not going over, it's going to hit it!!!!

I yell, and everyone ducks. The plane hits the building...but we're all OK. You wanna know why?

Because, the office we're in isn't at the end of the building any more. Nope, we're in the middle.

(physics don't apply in my dreams...neither do chemistry or meteorology, just so you know)

We all get up off the floor, dust ourselves off....and go to the kitchen.

From the freezer I pull out a box of Freeze Pops and start handing them out to everyone in the meeting.

We take our freeze pops, and walk out the door (we're no longer on the 3rd floor either - don't ask). We all wanted to see what the end of the building looked like after the plane hit it.

The building was in tatters. Dust, brick and plane bits everywhere.

There were also people. People missing appendages and heads and such. No blood...just random body parts and dead people.

I get my camera out to start taking pictures because "this will make a great blog entry."


After I finish taking pictures, we are led to the parking lot for safety. As I'm looking through my pics, I realize they aren't pictures. They are videos. My camera was left on video mode from the last time I'd used it. So I had nothing for my blog!!! (I guess video on my blog wasn't an option?)

So...what did we all do next? We started walking back to the site, to get me more pictures. Duh!

We were almost to the building when someone tells me their freeze pop is gone. Oh no!!!

We decide to go back to our office for more....in lieu of taking replacement pictures.

Once at the office, I started handing out new freeze pops. I was almost done when someone complained that theirs was smaller than the first one.

I looked down to see I was handing out post-it notes and not freeze pops.

The post-its were indeed smaller than the freeze pops I'd handed out earlier....but I wasn't receiving complaints for handing out post-its. I was just getting complaints they were smaller than the freeze pops.

You just can't please some people. :-)


And that's when I woke up.

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Brook said...

I have a freeze pop story-I'm saving it til Thursday though. Weird dreams are so fun-when you get past the freaky part. And yep-there's no pleasing some people(just pass me a beer or a margarita or something-no freeze pops or post its for me!)

Amy said...

so you guys were eating the pops and walking around body parts? hummm...what does this mean? I love dreams. Maybe that even in hard times we have to keep enjoying simple things? IDK

mo.stoneskin said...

In some ways I'm jealous, I'd like to dream about freeze pops. But in other ways...

Cowguy said...

It's good to know you finally quit dropping acid...

:-) Great dream.

Nej said...

@ Brook, I LOVE how my posts inspire your posts sometimes. Truly love it! A TMI freeze pop story, can't wait!! :-)

@ Amy, I like your take on it...simple pleasures during hard times. I was thinking I was hungry for freeze pops in this 80-90 degree weather, and wish a plane would hit my building at work. (hehehe) I like your idea much better. :-)

@ mo, Don't let the assorted body parts scare you away. It was a pretty pleasant dream. Plus, I was concerned about taking pictures for my blog. Do you see what I do for you guys?? :-)

@ Cowguy, yeah...I stopped...really...I did. You can't prove a thing!!! :-)