Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running Through the Streets Naked

Yes, yes...I'm still here. As Brook so eloquently said, My R&R needs some R&R.

The recovery time from vacation is equal to, if not greater than, the time you take for vacation. I was gone a week....and it's going to take me at least that to get caught back up. :-)

I haven't posted an entry (well, except for vacation updates) and I haven't read a blog post since I've returned. And the longer I can't read them, the more that build up for reading. Funny, eh??

Even though I haven't been able to get caught up on my required blog reading, I did have a chance to catch this tidbit in the news.

Naked pole vaulter chases sponsor

Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2009, 6:47PM

A French pole vault champion has posted a video on the web of him running naked through the streets of the French capital in a bid to draw attention to his plight.

For the complete story, click here.


mo.stoneskin said...

You've put it perfectly. It is 'required' reading, the time-consuming fodder for the blogger. I won't complain though, the blogosphere, while tiring, is worth it :)

Brook said...

It's a good thing I wasn't there, I'd have made a fool of myself chasing that fine ass. Ok maybe not-I don't run on principle. And catching up is hard to do, but worth it dontcha know.

Nej said...

Fine ass is right. :-) We wouldn't have to run after him....we'd just take a taxi and catch him at the end of the's not like he's running fast. :-)

Brook said...

Fast thinking! I would have never thought of that! Yummy yummy!

Cowguy said...

I wouldn't need the pole.

ba da bing!

Brook said...

Cowguy-that really did make me laugh out loud! I love the badabing!