Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dust Circles?

So...we're putting in a sliding glass door in the dining room. The door is in, the drywall work is done. Now we're just finishing the molding around the door....and CLEANING UP THE MESS.

This morning, I cleaned the cat fountain thing (yes, they are running water addicts), and cleaned the corner where it sits. But that's all the further I got before I had to head to work.

Mot sent me this picture once I arrived at work.

Apparently aliens visited our dining room after I left.


Sass said...

You need to set up a night-vision video camera, then submit this to some...I don't know...Discovery channel tv show and get rich.


I'm just sayin'.

Nej said...

Sass - I could get the Discovery Channel and the SciFi network in a battle for the rights. It would be awesome!!!!

Brook said...

That is so weird-maybe you have alien cats? I say go for the movie deal!

Nej said...

I guarantee you I have two cats with very white bums (and tails).

And there are probably little white cat paw prints all over the house. :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

I don't believe it was your cats. Not for one moment. I mean, what would be in it for them?

It is almost certainly the work of a deranged bumblebee flying in circles across the floor.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If you put the water thingy back, that'll kill them. Right?

The aliens, not the cats. Although...

Nej said...

I think they were attracted to the fresh water. The fountain has been out of commission this week, during the remodel work.

And, had it not been for the drywall dust on the floor, I never would have known they were at my house.

Which makes me wonder....what else, besides the cats, is drinking out of that fountain???

Cowguy said...

I'm with Sass on this one. Surveillance. The National Enquirer will make you RICH RICH RICH!