Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In January 2008, London's The Sun found a practitioner of a new art form in which a design is inked, with a tattoo needle, into the sclera, which is the white part of the eyeball. That volunteer (from Canada) may well be the only daredevil, or one of a tiny number, but Oklahoma state senators were alarmed enough that they passed legislation out of committee in February to ban the practice in their state. "If we can stop ... one person from doing it, we've been successful," said Sen. Cliff Branan. An Oklahoma City tattoo artist told KSBI-TV that the law is useless, in that "common sense" will prevent the problem. (So far, only the senators from Oklahoma seem to believe they have constituents who might actually ask for ink to be inserted into their eyeballs.) [KSBI-TV (Oklahoma City), 2-20-09; The Sun, 2-27-08]

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the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

After that little story I posted yesterday about my college buddy being picked up for domestic abuse, I wouldn't have believed someone would want this, either. But then, after reading my friend's story, I looked at some other criminals that have been picked up, both with ironic t-shirts and another batch where the criminals were heavily tattooed with stupid stuff. I think the senators might have a point after reading all that and looking at the pictures.

Nej said...

It seems there is no limit to what people will do to themselves.

And what's even worse, they seem to enjoy it.

Brook said...

I recently watched a tattoo show-a documantary not a reality show-and they showed a guy having it done-showed it showed it-and the tattooist was talking about the risk and dangers, all i could think was "He's gonna pop that guys eyeball!" It was crazy. Gagamaggot ridiculous even. Now I have the heebie jeebies all over again.

Nej said...

So's safe to say your tattoo ideas aren't associated with your eyeball?? (hehe)

Brook said...