Friday, March 6, 2009

The best laid plans.....

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."
Robert Burn's poem, To a Mouse

When I arrived home last night, Mot was airing up the tires on his bike. I went inside, changed clothes, and came back out to help him load them up. I was thinking we'd ride around Standing Bear Lake, and then he could drop me off at my hair salon on his way home. It would mean he'd have to come back and get me...but the guy had spent 6 hours of his day driving around the countryside on his motorcycle. I figured a quick 10 minute trip to get me would be OK.

I was wrong. He was supposed to play Wow (go figure) at 6:30. Which meant we needed to be back by 6:20 or so. And it was 5:30.

Being the stubborn people that we are...we still headed out to ride....but this time thinking we'd hit the non paved trails around Lake Cunningham, nearer to us.

The park STILL ISN'T OPEN!!! What is with these people? We've lived here for 2 years now, and it was closed before we got to town. And it's still closed! Argh!

By then, it was 5:45 - and I called it quits. Once we did get to Standing Bear, it would have been we could ride for 10-15 minutes...then hurry home.

So, instead of riding....all we accomplished was driving around for 15 minutes, then went right back home. Oh well....we tried...right? We had time enough to scarf (scarph?) some food down and head our separate directions.

My new bike is laughing at me. I can hear it, sitting in our I type this.


Brook said...

Sounds like D's attempt at a romantic pre Valentines evening for drinks at a local bar. Traffic was horrible. The bar was closed. We ended up in the car for over 30 minutes on our way to and from the bar-which we could actually walk to in 10 minutes or less if we had sidewalks. Best laid plans indeed!

Nej said...

That's exactly what it felt like!!! I feel your pre-Vday pain. :-)