Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Update #5.... A Special Holiday Edition

Happy Valentines' Day (belated)!!! What a good, and painful, weekend it was. :-)

We ended up with just a little over 6 inches of snow on Friday afternoon. Sweet!!! I love the stuff. Finally, for the first time this year, it was wet and heavy. Perfect for snowball fights!

Speaking of snow ball fights....we held a little impromptu one in the parking lot at work. You can't put the group of us in a situation that includes snow, Friday afternoon and surprisingly warm(ish)'s just not safe.

I didn't get any pics of the fight, I was too busy instigating it. (hehehehe) By the time I finally got in the Jeep and started for home, my jeans were soaked, my bra was dripping wet (thanks to a marvelous shot by Robin, right now the shirt), and my hair was frozen solid.

Robin dusting off her car.

Jean and Allan digging theirs out. Luckily, Robin and I had headed out for Chinese over lunch, so I only had half the snow everyone else did to remove from my vehicle. Which made it easier for me to start that snowball fight. :-)

The road home. Just over this hill, is the country club, and where the gopher ran in front of me. (Although, Mot assures me it was only a woodchuck, not a gopher, as gophers aren't the best runners. I prefer to keep the gopher dream alive though.)

Quartet rehearsal was called off, due to the storm (that ended up moving through faster than the weathermen expected), and headaches. I had one and Robin (quartet Robin, not work Robin) had one as well. I think, honestly, mine was brought on by work, the weather, and just being tired. I needed a night off.

So, once I got home, I fed the dogs - which took 30 minutes. Mot broke our last snow shovel, so I was trying to scoop the patio using a push broom. What? It's all I had. :-) :-)

I fixed my best dish for dinner (Mac and Cheese, from a box - what can I say, I love the stuff!) and sat down to watch a little TV and scare my headache off. I've started watching House, the show cracks me up. He's such a jerk, and his sense of humor is awesome.

After I'd relaxed a while, I got the "holy crap, there are people coming to our house who have never been here, and this place needs cleaned" to-do list. Our house is usually picked up, but it was in need of a good pre-spring cleaning. Once someone has been to our house that first time, they get the normal levels of dust on the coffee table, and occasional tumbleweed-like lump of cat fur under the end table. :-)

Saturday: I got up early again (ick) and met my sister at the gym for a barbell strength class. Tisha used to teach our step class at the gym we belonged to a year or so I wanted to catch a class she was teaching at my sister's gym. And, right in line with my luck, I find out that she's only going to be teaching for another month, before moving to New Mexico or something. Ugh! :-)

The class was good. Kicked my ass, but good. Inny had 30 minutes to waste before she had to start working, so we hit the gym cafe. She got a breakfast sandwich, and I got a Mocha Madness (with peanut butter added) smoothie. Yummy!!!! :-)

I left there and came home. Mot was still sleeping. Because of the storm, the day before was a busy one for him. He came home, scooped the driveway then hit the sack. So, I cleaned upstairs and in the basement while he was sleeping so I wouldn't disturb him. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the place up, and he baked some bread to serve with dinner that night.

Danny and Steve (who also don't celebrate the holiday) came over about 6:00. We immediately jumped into drinking some pomegranate martinis and gave them the 10 cent tour of the house. We all stood around and gabbed and ate munchies while Mot fixed dinner. After dinner, we played cards (while doing more munching) until about 2 am or so. It was a great night....I got sloshed. (damn vodka)

Here's what the cheesecake looked like Sunday morning. Not the greatest picture, but it tasty loverly. :-)

Sunday morning the cats woke us up at 6:00, then 6:45, then 7:30, then we finally drug ourselves out of bed at about 8:00. Damn cats!!! :-)

I didn't have a headache (made sure to drink plenty of water during the night), but I was in serious need of grease!!!!!! Instead of making biscuits and gravy, we decided to run up the street to Burger King. There's nothing like eating grease to quiet the hungover stomach!!!!!!!!!!

Our kitchen sink has a drip. It's had this drip for months, and neither of us can stand it anymore. We thought we'd head out on Sunday, and try to find a replacement. Once at the store, we decided we may as well replaced the old sink while we're at it. Then we only have to deal with the plumbing once. As we're looking at sinks, we realize the style we really like won't fit into our counter you probably can see where this is going.

We bought a new faucet, a new sink.....and new counter tops. Spending the tax return wisely via home repairs. How very adult of us, don't you think? :-)

As soon as we got home from the home improvement store, I went to bed. Yes, it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. (damn vodka) I woke up about 4:30 or so, ate some dinner, then headed out for quartet rehearsal. After quartet, I came home and went back to bed.

(damn vodka, and pitchers of margaritas, and shots of tequila......)


Brook said...

Snowball fights-miss them!
snow shovels-who needs them!
a dogs gotta eat!
as for the mac and cheese my fav is velveeta shells and cheese-love it but can you believe no one in my house does? they are crazy people!
clean house? what's that?
early gym-at least you have work out buddy!
pomegranite and vodka-delicious!
homemade bread-you are one lucky girl!
d swears by a cheeseburger and a coke for hungover tummies-and so do I!
and home improvement-I refinished the kitchen cabinets, put in a new sink, faucet and garbage disposal(by myself)(did have a girlfriend help me cut a bigger hole for the sink)and got a new rocking stove with that years tax return-oh and took a 3 week car trip with my daughter, mom and gramma. Tax returns can be awesome things!
As for the vodka, margaritas and tequila-makes me wonder why we had kids caus sometimes ya just gotta throw down-alas I just had a bottle of wine-and a headache but no queasy stomach.
I love your weekend updates.

Nej said...

It's one of the main reasons I started blogging to be honest. Just to rehash what I accomplished, things I've done. Something to look back on and read when I think my life is boring, and unproductive. :-)

Mot borrowed (stole) a shovel from work, so he could scoop it all when he got home. I like shoveling, but wasn't complaining when he did it all.

Mot can't stand mac and cheese - ate too much in college. I ate it almost every day, and still love it. Ramen noodles on the other hand. I haven't had any of those for years. I might be able to handle the smell now though. :-) They are the ultimate in cheap and light food for backpacking and biking.

We're also putting in a sliding glass door out of the dining room in to the back yard, and a deck off of that new door. (Oh, and buying myself a new bike if there's enough left over.) :-) Tax returns are so much fun.

This weekend's workout left me unable to lift my arms above my head. Washing your own hair is so overrated. (hehehe)

Cabinets, sink, faucet and disposal by yourself? You rock chick!!! That's the one thing we were talking about getting, and didn't yesterday - the disposal.

Brook said...

I love the disposal, and really, it is so easy. I even did it with a air button so I wouldn't have to worry about trying to wire it into the wall. Easy peasy! And having a second pair of hands would make it even easier I bet! D is relatively clueless when it comes to that kind of thing-but he mows and the sex is good so I keep him around.