Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update #4

I have met Satan....and her name is Pam.

This weekend was pretty packed actually. Friday night, Mot and I used our free ticket vouchers and went to the hockey game. (We split season tickets with my parents because of Mot's schedule. They take the Friday tickets and we go on Saturday. Because Mot wasn't working Friday, we thought it would be fun to go anyway.)

They lost. But, they went into overtime, and lost in the shootout. It was a good game.

Saturday, I got up the same time I do during the work week...there's something terribly wrong with that!!! Inny (my sister) and I went to the gym. First we did an hour long barbell strength class, then for some reason, we thought an hour long spin class immediately after would be a good idea. Not so much!! :-)

I went home from there, ate a little lunch, messed around the house, and then finally got ready for hockey again that night. Mot was working, so I called mom and asked if she wanted to go. It was merely a formality, she never turns down hockey tickets. The two of us decided to go to Micheal's, the Mexican restaurant right down the street from the arena. Danny and Steve were already there, so we ended up sitting with them.

They were waiting for some friends of theres to arrive, but only one couple (Val and Dee) made it to dinner. The other two were at the game....but darn it if I can't remember their names.

The game was horrible. Truly and absolutely horrible. 5 to 0. Ugh!

Between the 2nd and 3rd periods, the arena plays "Cotton Eyed Joe" and everyone (well, not everyone, but quite a few people) in the arena get up to dance. Danny and I have been saying for weeks, that were we going to go down and dance with the pep band. The band students all get up and do a little impromptu square dance session during the song every night.

So....we hurried down and danced a little with them. At first they didn't know what to think about us old-timers joining them. But, it wasn't long before they were laughing and cheering us on.

Sunday, I tried to sleep in...but it just wasn't going to happen. The opening line of my post said I met Satan. Yes, her name was Pam. Pam was the chick that taught the barbell strength class Saturday morning. I tried to get out of bed Sunday morning, and about died. Holy hell!!!!

Mot had grabbed a book when he got home from work that morning, so I hobbled out to see him. We sat around on the couch, talking and watching some TV for a little while, but it didn't last long. We showered and went out to run some errands. Actually, we just went out for Bruegger's breakfast, and then to the book store. Go figure! :-)

We came back home and puddered around the house. He was baking bread, I decided to work on a project I started quite a while ago. Scanning old pictures onto my computer. I scanned a hefty stack before I had to leave.

I had agreed to go to the gym with Inny again that night.

We made it through the yoga class alive. Neither Inny nor I were able to walk into the room correctly (thanks Pam!!), yet we still made it through the class. Between the two of us, and the dude right next to me, we giggled through half the class. He was huffing and puffing, my sister...well, with about 10 minutes left of the class, she did what everyone is afraid they'll do in a yoga class. The room is quiet, the lights are very dim, relaxing music, everyone is in pain, and she farts.

It was impressive sounding, let me just say. The poor thing, I look over at her, and her shoulders are shaking, trying not to laugh. I kept thinking to myself "I'm not three, I won't laugh. I'm not three, I won't laugh." But once I saw her shoulders shaking, I knew I was a goner. :-)

After yoga, we went down and got the kids from the child center so they could get to their swim lessons. We dropped them off and headed upstairs. If you use the recumbent bikes along the wall, you can see down into the pool. So we pedaled, watched them, and laughed at horrible TV on the screens attached to the bikes. We didn't have sound, but the show we were watching really didn't need it. It was horrible, prime time, game show TV. Ugh!!! It took our minds off the fact our legs were burning...again!

When swim class was over, we picked up the kids and headed to the racquetball court. I think we had an hour reserved, but after 30 minutes, we waved the white flag. Neither of us are great players, but we actually looked as though we'd never picked up a racket before. We weren't running (couldn't), looked like we were 80 years old when having to bend over and pick up the ball.....we were bushed.

I went home, talked to Mot a little, took another dose of Advil...then went to bed.


Brook said...

Yep, my adult ballet class leaves me practically immobile for at least a day and sometimes two. How nice that you have someone to work out with! I confess to a smidge of jealousy. Of course what I really would like are sessions with a personal trainer.

Nej said...

I have a scattering of people to work out with. Robin (co worker) and I work at the same gym, but not necessarily we have different styles of working out. And never seen to want to do the same things on the same nights. I love doing classes, and she doesn't so much.

My sister and I have the same likes when working out...but the gym she works at is so much further away. It's quite a drive just to get there every night.

Mel and I would work out every night, if we didn't live two hours away from each other. :-)

I've been trying for find an adult (under 6o years old) tap class forever! I really, really miss it!!!!

So, I have a couple people to work out with, but you have mountains and ballet. We're even in the jealousy department. :-)

Tony said...

that yoga story is really funny. I don't think I would have been able to hold it in. I'd have been laughing so hard if I had been doing yoga next to her.

Nej said...

It took every ounce of self-control I had....and some I didn't know I had. I probably caused some internal damage by holding back.

When the class ended, everyone on our side of the room started laughing.