Monday, February 9, 2009

That's what the government is for??

In local news, a child care facility was shut down for a number of state violations.

#1, the temperature was under 52 degrees. We keep our house at 63-64, and I love watching tv under a blanket or doing the laundry with a sweatshirt on. I love sweatshirts. But 52 degrees in a child care facility...that's a might bit chilly I suppose.

#2, outdated food in the fridge. I'm not sure the extent of the out-datedness, or the degree of spoiled, but who doesn't ever go through their fridge and find a tub of outdated something or other?

#3, the fire exit was blocked. Yeah, that's not good.

#4, a felon taking care of the kids. That was probably the biggy I'm guessing.

#5, cleaning products not locked up. While this isn't good, it comforting to know they actually HAD cleaning products. Owning them implies you thought about cleaning at least once.

#6, avoiding a state inspector by taking all the children to Chuck E. Cheese for the day.

On the way home, talk radio had grabbed onto story and were beating it to death. There was a statement made about parents needing to check out their child care facilities.

One caller called in and said "Parents these days are busy. That's what the government is for. They can check these places for us."

Hello?? I'm not a parent, nor do I plan on being one. But you can't just trust other people to check out the places your children are spending their days, can you??????

I'm not saying people who took their children to this facility knew they were going to avoid inspectors, they didn't go a background check on every employee, they don't check the contents of the fridge. But to make the blanket statement saying it's the government's makes me squirm.


Brook said...

Please don't get me started on this. OOPS. Too late. Well, I have only rather incoherent comments about people who shouldn't have children if they can't or won't be responsible parents, that it is not a school's or the government's job to raise our kids and the general downfall of society due to the lack of parental involvement in our children's get the gist I think. Gah, must gather thoughts and become rational once more.

Nej said...

I turned off the radio. I usually listen to the people with differing opinions....but I couldn't take this guy.