Thursday, February 19, 2009

Storm of the Century

My hubby treats me pretty darned well*.

He helps around the house if I ask or leave a list. He cooks dinner nearly every night. He brings flowers when I least expect them. And he buys me weapons**.

This week he surprised me again. His cell phone needed replaced. He's had it for two years, and is less than nice to it***.

We currently use Verizon as a cell provider. We've had no issues with them, and the service is good. Both of us have been drooling over the idea of an iPhone, but the cost of the phones themselves have been keeping us at bay****.

After much thought, indecision, and about a million phone calls to me here at work...he decided on the Blackberry Storm. He went straight from plain old just calls a number phone to a smart phone...a touch pad smart phone none the less.

How did he justify it? By telling me that he was able to get me one for free if he bought one. How was I to argue with that logic????? Yes, I can be bought. :-)

So, here it is (well, here's a picture of one, not mine per se)....drum roll please...I give you, Nej's new Storm.


The thing is pretty sweet.....if you ignore the fact that I wanted to throw it through a window yesterday afternoon*****. I've enrolled in a school for computer programming and computer engineering. And, in 4 short years, I should be able to run the damn thing.

OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I do feel the need to take an entire day off of work just to get it set up the way I want. The options are limitless, thus the frustrations are limitless as well. :-) For some reason, the people here at work, want me to do my job...and probably wouldn't look kindly to me dinking around with my phone all day. Darn them!!!! :-)

* Most of the time...I mean come on, he's male, they can only be so nice before their testosterone starts shocking them like a dog training collar...admit it, we know it's true!! When your wife is having an obviously bad day, making jokes about it, asking her if it's "medical" and then telling his WoW friends "wife is aggro, need one moment...maybe two" definitely will not help the situation any. FYI.

** At last count, I have more guns than he does. He's either very secure, very trusting, or very silly. Arming an Italian woman....what was he thinking?!?!

*** That, and he really just wanted a new one, so any time it did something annoying, he would use it as an excuse to get a new one. When really, brand new cell phone do things that are annoying all the time.

**** Barely. By the way, where does that saying come from...keeping it at bay? I really must look it up. My luck, I'm using it completely incorrectly.

***** It wouldn't do what I wanted it to do, and when Mot picked it up, it worked fine for him. I've been using a blackberry for work and home for over a year now....this thing shouldn't be so much of a problem. I'm wondering if my phone is male*?


Brook said...

You are starting to freak me out. Not only do we have the same purse, we have the same husband. D just yesterday got a blackberry storm too. Oh wait! They aren't quite the same after all. No storm for me since he just couldn't wait. My and B's phones aren't eligble til next week for upgrades, though he assures me we can get any phone we want when it is our turn. I don't own any guns though. D just buys swords and knives. Lots of swords and knives.

Nej said...

You're right, this is getting scary (and hilarious at the same time!!) The people out in the hallway officially think I'm nuts now. I let out one heck of a laugh when I read about the new Storm in your house. :-) How funny!!!!!!

Mot has a pocket knife 'thing.' Anytime we're in a store that sells them, he has to go look. Even though he has 40 million of them at home already. And men make fun of women and their shoes and purses! :-)

Brook said...

Yes, boys and their toys! Tell me what you think of the Storm, I have 8 days to ponder the choices-I am leaning towards a flip blackberry myself. Can't remember what verizon is calling them.

Nej said...

Verizon (here) doesn't offer the flip Blackberry...but I think it's a flip Pearl that's coming out, isn't it?? I loved my Pearl, and only replaced it because Mot was sweet enough to get me the Storm.

I like the Storm....slowly but surely. They are offering a session tomorrow am before the store opens to come in with questions...and I'm going to take them up on it. It seems my phone won't do the same things that Mot's does, so we think there may actually be an issue with the phone itself. :-)

(we CAN'T blame it on user error, I refuse) :-)

Brook said...

ahhh, never user error! please do keep me updated-as you know this is a very important decision-and yeah I think it's blackberry pearl-gee I hope they have it here if that is what I decide to go with.

Anonymous said...

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