Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Funk

I'm in the middle of one. Normally, this is the time of year I start gearing up for the spring. Getting excited about planning a vacation, counting down the days to the daylight savings time switch. We're planning on doing a long weekend vacation with some friends of ours in March....the where and exactly when is still up in the air. I'm pretty desperate to get out of dodge for a little while. Switch things up, do something new, go somewhere I've never been.

I've been hitting the gym for three months now, regularly. (Before that I was going, but not as regular.) Minimum of 3 times a week, but usually more like 4 or 5. Minimum of an hour each visit, if not more.

My clothes fit exactly the same, my weight is exactly the same. (sigh)

Mot and I were talking this weekend while at the grocery store, and we've cut back on how much we eat sooooo much compared to what we used to do. We pay so much more attention to labels, fat content, calorie counts.

I make sure and do a small snack in mid morning, and then one again mid afternoon...to keep that metabolism burning. I've written down and tracked my calorie intake. I take a multi-vitamin. I get at least 7, but usually 8 hours of sleep each night. I drink virtually no caffeine (maybe a rogue Mountain Dew once a month or so), increased my water intake, and cut out the Starbucks mocha lattes on the weekends.

Still, no weight change, and no body (how my clothes fit) changes. What gives??? I understand it's only been 3 months of this, but in 3 months, shouldn't there be some sort of change??? Yes????

(By the way, check out the picture of the scale up above. It gives you your weight in animals. For example, you could weight in between hog and ox. Or goose and pig. I posted the link of where I found it below. Interesting, eh?)

Images found here and here.


Brook said...

Don't get too bummed. I'm bummed enough for both of us. I was hoping to find out how much I weighed in animals and as much fun as I had reading all the hilarious geeky goodness in the end I still don't know where I come in on that scale-a large goat, small sheep, great dane? I want to know! But not for frickin 40+17 euros for shipping! Darn it! By the way, if you head in our direction drop in and say HI!

Nej said...

I was only looking for an image of a scale when I found that thing. Made me laugh out loud when I realized it was animals, not numbers.

The best things are found by accident, I love it!!! :-) :-)