Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No turning back.

We've begun the kitchen project.

I mentioned our trip to Home Depot a couple weeks ago. The one where we went in for a faucet, and ended up with a new faucet, a new sink, and new counter tops.

We, the stone people showed up today to do their measuring and template making. Not only did the normal crew show up...but they brought about 6 other people along for training. And I think, by the way Mot tells it, a rep from the computer software company to help them with the new laser software they are using.

It's never a dull moment at our house, let me tell ya.

OK, maybe that's a lie. There are quite a few dull moments at our house...I just never write about them. Reading about our dull moments would be.....well....dull. :-)

Anyhoo.....the measuring is done. And the fun will begin in.......ummmm.....anywhere from two weeks to two months?


Let me explain.

The only stretch of counter space we have is 10.5 foot or so. The stone guys don't know if they have a piece of granite (of the color we selected) that long. So, they may have to do a seam. A seam stinks, but they can do amazing things these I have faith. If they DO have a slab that long, we have to wait until the sliding glass door gets installed in the dining room.


Because they can't fit a 10.5 foot piece of granite into our house through the front door, or the door leading out to the garage. Heck, to get our couch in the house, we had to take windows and support posts out of the front porch and shoved it through that way. It's an old farmhouse....and they didn't think ahead to granite counters. And, I'm convinced they must have built the house AROUND the current counters. Because they are just as long....and they got them in the kitchen somehow...right!?!?!?!?!?!


So.....we have people coming to quote the sliding glass door thing...and the counters (if they don't have to do a seam) will follow as soon as the door is done.

I can't wait. :-) :-)

Here's a picture I got on my phone today from Mot. The old sink is a double bowl, the new sink is a single (which means we have 8 inches more counter space..and no annoying divider in the middle of the sink for us to break our glasses on). :-) :-)

The sink may be less wide, but it's deeper....not deeper down, but deeper back. Does that make sense?

Well anyway....because of it's increased depth, we can't put the faucet in the middle of the back side, where most faucets live....we will have to put it off to one side or the other. Which, surprisingly, I was going to tell Mot we needed to do....instead of going all symmetrical and boring.

He wanted to send me a picture first, before he told them it was going to be OK. Kudos to the installation guy for holding the sink and faucet in place so Mot could take his picture. 9 men in a kitchen, trying to decide the aesthetics of putting the faucet off to the side....scary thought, eh?


Brook said...

How sweet! I love it! 9 men, all concerned about what you want-that'll be a long time happening again! I chose a very shallow sink for myself since deep sinks-down depth I am talking here-are too deep for my very short self to fish around in comfortably. I hope they can go seamless for you with that countertop-what granite did you choose?

Nej said...

Stonemark Granite....color: Platinum Blue. It has grey, black, white and a steel blueish flecks.

Goes with the strange color we painted the walls, but also works if we (or future owners of the house) want to go more neutral with their paint color.

The Home Depot rep, when shown the color of our kitchen, said "Did you pick that out?" When we said yes....he said "On purpose?"

I knew he was our man the minute he said it. The dry sense of humor....the fact that he'd tell us honestly he didn't like our color, but didn't judge. "You young people these days, painting your rooms all of these crazy colors." I loved it!!!

Nej said...

You really can't see it online...but this is the sample they show on their website.

Brook said...

I love it!