Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's unfortunate, but...........

.....the people working at my Subway have also been infiltrated by the 'funk.'

I left for my lunch hour DEMANDING people start being nice to each other.

Unfortunately, the women working at Subway are hard at work, and not reading my blog, so they didn't get the memo.

It started off well. I walked in the door, and the manager greeted me with a smile, asked me how I was....and then asked me what sandwich I wanted. She was genuine....not in the "she really wanted to know how I was" sense....but in the "being nice just because" sense.

I smiled back, told her I was doing just great, and ordered my sandwich.

As the topping lady was wrapping up my sandwich, she looked at me and thanked me for coming in, and wished me a nice rest of the day.

Wow. Two nice people, in the same building. Someone was actually reading my blog and abiding by my new rules of nicety.

And then it happened......the lady ringing up my order at the register gave the topping lady this look. It was a look of quizzical frustration and surprise.

Topping Lady: "Well, they said one of us had to say it....they didn't mean YOU had to say it every time."

Whoa!!!! They were TOLD to say those nice things to everyone? They didn't just want to thank me for coming in? They didn't really want me to have a nice afternoon?

I'm hurt. I'm crushed. I'm......well.....I'm realizing my request for everyone to be nice needs to be ammended.

Everyone!! Be nice.......FOR REAL!! None of this fake nice shit. It doesn't count. Do you hear me??? And, if you are going to do fake nice, don't announce it in front of someone you are being fake nice too. Come on people, get with it!!!!! :-)


Cowguy said...

I'm gonna be nice to everyone I see today! *chases Sal through the house*

Nej said...

Did you catch her?