Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update #2

This weekend was great. They always feel too short, but at least this one didn't feel it was a total of only 2 hours.

We didn't have quartet rehearsal Friday I was at home, by myself. Heaven! I love my husband dearly, but those nights when I'm home, by myself, with no plans.....they are few and far between. It's a time to recharge.

Unfortunately, it was also Maverick hockey night. We split season tickets with my parents this year. They go Friday nights, and we go Saturdays. Mot's and my dad's schedules are crazy enough, that it seemed like the right thing to do. WE ARE NOT splitting tickets next year. No way, no how. We tried it, we gave it a go...and it sucks!

Mot was working the Friday night game as a paramedic, and my mom (who I've taken to 3 or 4 games Mot wasn't able to attend) was there with a friend. Yes, she brought someone else...not the daughter that ALWAYS brings her if Mot can't use our ticket. Argh! :-)

It was a smokin' awesome game. Here's a quick recap (quick - for those non hockey readers).

Opponents score 2 goals, we have 0. In the third period, we (the Mavs) score 2 to tie the game and go into overtime. Mavs win in the shootout! Yeah!!! Terribly exciting, people standing the whole third period, energy high, good game....I'm at home. Getting text message updates. (sigh)

I, instead, got out a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD I'd gotten that day through Netflix. Hey - it looked interesting...give me a break! It kicked my butt, as it should have...then I went to bed (only to be drug out of my sleep by my mother...calling to again tell me about the game, on the phone this time).

Saturday am, I got up and went down to use the treadmill. I'm probably 40-45 minutes into my workout, and the thing stops. The control panel were still working fine, but the motor stopped. There was no smoke, no burning smell...the motor just stopped, as though I'd hit the kill switch. One minute I'm walking at a good 4 mph clip, and the next WHAM - it stops...and I'm being hurled forward into the control panel by my forward momentum.

(I can't believe it didn't bruise!)

I immediately looked around to see if anyone saw me slam into the control panel (yes, I'm at home...there's no one there, but I'm usually at the gym, so it's second nature to look and see who is lucky enough to get a laugh from my antics). My cat was staring at me, but that didn't count. :-)

I turned the machine off, and lifted weights next, hoping that maybe the machine needed a break and would work if I turned it on later (it didn't). Mot seems to think an internal fuse blew...I hope so...treadmills aren't cheap to replace.

Mot came home from work, and we both got showered and dressed, we headed out to pick up the kids. Brandon (12) and Lauren (6), my niece and nephew, have been begging us to take them out for an afternoon...and I've been promising we would since before the holidays. Today was the day.

We hit out favorite bookstore, and they were able to buy a couple books each. We went to Dave and Busters to eat and play video games. We went to Maggie Moo's for ice cream. And then we ended the afternoon going to Game Stop so they could each pick up a game for their Nintendo DS.

Those two crack me up!!!! They are growing up so quickly!

After dropping them off at home, we headed home to get changed for the hockey game. We were meeting our hockey friends before the game at a Mexican restaurant downtown. Mot, the night before, had lucked into reserved FREE parking for the rest of the hockey season, so we left early to find our new parking. (Don't' ask how he landed the free parking passes to a reserved lot immediately behind the arena....he lucks into these things. It's crazy!!!)

We all ordered dinner, and multiple pitchers of margaritas. Ah, tequila, nectar of the gods. :-) After paying the bill, we all speed walked to the arena and got there just as the game was starting. Perfect timing!

Quick game recap.


I'll translate. In first 9 minutes of game, opponent scored 3 friggin' goals. Mavs switched goalies (I've NEVER seen them do that when an injury wasn't involved!!!) The opponent managed to score three MORE goals. We spent the bulk of the game trying to ignore the carnage playing out in front of gabbing and talking. We met Steve and Danny at hockey games last year. Their tickets were right in front of ours. This year, we started talking even more, and have discovered how much we have in common. It's pretty funny actually! With 3 minutes left in the game, I got up to run down to the restroom. I wanted to get there before the rush after the game, and before we had to walk through our zero degree weather outside.

Just as I was reaching for the bathroom stall door.....train horns blare, all 10,000 people in the arena go nuts!

"You've got to be f*cking kidding me!!!"

The lady at the sink washing her hands starting laughing. "Don't you just hate it when that happens?"


So, the final score was 6 to 1. I missed the 1 - because I was in the restroom. Wouldn't you know!

The 4 of us decided the horrible game was reason to go back to our Mexican restaurant for more margaritas.

Actually, we would have gone if we'd won....we were just using the most convenient excuse. :-)

Steve and I poured one glass out of the first pitcher, and called it quits....since we were both driving. The other two guys finished the first (and second) pitchers for us. They were also drinking beer at the game, plus the margaritas at dinner.

Mot was getting a little.....ummm.....loopy.

We called it a night around midnight (only because the weather was starting to look pretty interesting, it was snowing pretty well by then), but we made plans to play cards at their place next weekend.

On the way home, my loverly oh-so-drunk hubby declares..."you might want to pull over...sometime...really quick."

I hid my smile as best I could and pulled off on the shoulder of the expressway.

Notice the snow falling on his jacket. But most importantly, notice how I'm holding his coat, so he won't fall out of the Jeep. Even though I was worried about him falling out, I still made sure to free one hand to pull my digital camera out of my purse.

Be prepared, that's my motto. (And the girl scouts, don't tell them I stole it.)

Mot couldn't walk a straight line to save his soul. I haven't seen him that drunk in quite a while. Good thing he's a funny drunk!!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Mot went to work, against his better judgement. He still wasn't walking very straight...probably had something to do with the pounding in his head. :-) I lazed around the house most of the day, paid some bills, napped on the couch, and then got the house picked up before the quartet arrived for rehearsal. I scooped 3 or so inches of snow off of our driveway, and went to bed.


Brook said...

Nothing like watching puke melt through the ice under as you try not to fall out of the cab in the process after a long night of party har har! I have totally been there only it was my not yet hubby laughing his booty off at me as he held onto my jacket. Too funny-I wish I had a picture!

Nej said...

He still can't believe I not only thought to take the picture, but posted it as well.

It's like the Miranda Rights...but for marriage.

"Anything you do or say can be posted as blog fodder, and held against you in a court of law."

Anonymous said...