Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was a drive by...

...a drive by "Mot-ing".

I got a phone call while Robin and I were out to lunch today. Before you think it, let me explain. I usually don't answer my phone while at lunch with other people like that, but I knew Mot was talking about taking the Ducati out, and I wanted to make sure he was OK. With all of the sand on the streets, I worry about the bike slipping around while he's riding.

(my mother hen tendencies come out once in a while)

Anyway...this is how that phone call went.

Nej: Hello?

Nej: Hello?

Connection is lost. The call came from home, so I tried calling him back.

Busy signal.

I try again, busy signal.

My phone rings.

Nej: Hello?

Mot: What did you do with my headphones? (it wasn't asked nicely, he was mad, upset, grouchy, grumpy and mean sounding)

Nej: (immediately on the defensive) I didn't do anything with them. They are probably where you last had them.

Mot: YOU were using my shuffle, what did YOU do with them.

Nej: I don't wear YOUR headphones, I try to not share earwax when possible. Look in "the drawer". (you all know what I mean by 'the drawer'....every house has one)

Mot: Why did you hang up on me twice?

Nej: (sigh - like I did it on purpose?) Because I'm a shit that way.

Mot: hangs up on me

I put my phone down on the table and just stared at it. What the heck was that all about???

Robin: What the heck was that all about? (we share brains sometimes, it's spooky)

Update: Mot arrived here at work as I was typing this post. He's in full riding gear.

As he's taking off his helmet, I ask him if it's safe. He skirts the issue by talking about how it's still "chilly" to be riding, but feels great!

I asked him how his headphones were working. (no way am I letting this go) And also asked him where he found them.

"Right where you said they'd be....damn it."

I asked him if he was going to apologize for being an ass...he said no. He mumbled something about me being his wife, and how, somehow, that makes it OK. Then he smiled that "oh come can't be mad at me when I smile at you like this....right?" smile and gave me a kiss.

I'm such a pushover. :-)

It turns out that besides the battle with me on the phone, he also had a battle with his riding coat before he left the house. I wonder how many other innocent bystanders were incorrectly accused of a wrong doing this morning?

I should probably talk to the toaster when I get home and see if it's OK. :-)

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