Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forgive me.

On this day in 1547, King Henry the VIII died.

After reading about it, a song popped into my head...and hasn't left. I thought I'd share the pain with others.

"I'm Henry the 8th I am, Henry the 8th I am, I am....."

If you make it through the first minute, you can stop watching....I did. I'm leaving now for a shot of insulin. Talk to you later!!!! :-)


Brook said...

I'll have you know I know this song by heart-Hermans Hermits I think-and occasionally at random moments sing it out loud. In public. Truth.

Nej said...

The minute I read Henry VIII, it was stuck. I was humming it, singing it out loud, you name it. Driving the people around me nuts I'm sure. I have musical flypaper for a brain, I can't help it. :-) :-)

Anonymous said...