Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Communication breakdown (updated)

How, may I ask, do you convince your husband that communication via methods that require typing is the best option for you when you're at work?

Messenger, email, something other than a phone. Because everyone in the friggin' state can hear my when I'm on my phone at my desk??? It carries down the hallway, it carries into other offices.......but typing, that's silent. (well, except for the clicking) I can talk to him all day long, as long as it involves typing.

Maybe the issue is that he really doesn't want to talk to me? I hadn't thought of it that way until now. Hmmmm......

He, on the other hand, wants me to call he can still not speak. And, in the case of today, be an ass. Either option is not attractive to me.

I'm crazy, I know!!!

My treadmill died. Dead, dead, dead. But it was a sudden aneurysm or grueling heart attack or flesh eating disease that takes days. No, one minute minute - not running. Wham!!!!

I've mentioned it daily since the day of death.....and Mot doesn't seem to understand the urgency. I don't think he knows how often I use it. He said it might be a fuse, and would look at it. When I talked to him today, I asked if there was a bunch of hair inside. He didn't know...didn't take it apart. "You didn't?" I asked. "No, but I will."

Really? You've had two full days off at home, when you could....and you haven't. When are you going to do it? I know you had to work yesterday, but so did I. But I still get to come home and go grocery shopping. Instead of spending my whopping 2 hours of home time at home...I get to go to the store. Because he didn't want to put socks on and get dog food....while he was home...all day today!!!

I love him dearly, but some days, I just can't take it. I took out the garbage, emptied the dishwasher and filled it back up. Did a load of laundry and picked up the living room. All this morning. He doesn't want to drive to the pet store (right up the street from our house) to get dog food because he doesn't want to put socks on!!!!!!!!

(banging my head on my desk)

He'll read this some day and be mad at me. It's how it works. I make a good point, and he gets mad. But damn!!!!

(Hi Honey!!!! Love you! Kiss Kiss!)

There were two things on his honey do list today. The list that he asks I give him, because he can't tell when things need done by walking around the house...he needs a list. I've been assured it's a male thing, so I leave a list.

Today's list.

* Put new batteries in thermostat. (I tried, and can't get the &%*#& cover off.)
I purposefully didn't take the thermostat off it's schedule this at about 9:00, the temp will go down to 55. I set it this way so the furnace isn't running all day while I'm at work. On mornings when he's going to be home, I try to remember to take it off schedule so he doesn't freeze. Today, I didn't change it, thinking that eventually he'll get cold and need to turn it up. And, while turning it up, notice that it's flashing Low Battery.

But, I still put it on the list...because I've learned not to assume anything.

** Look at treadmill.
I realize the error of my list. I should have written "Look IN treadmill." Silly me!!!!!

I'm a slave driver, aren't I???

You know, these blogs are kinda nice for the venting of frustrations, aren't they? I already feel better!!!!! Thanks!

** Update: He's called me, after I hung up on him. Treadmill is running, thermostat batteries are replaced. I'll leave the post's kinda funny. :-)

*** Additional update: My hubby is wonderful. He cooks dinner almost every night he's home. He helps clean the house up if I ask. He tries to make me laugh when I'm down. He's not a slacker in any way, shape or form. I, on the other hand, am female. So I think like a female. Men seem to run on a different clock and schedule than women. Agreed? What I may think is a big deal, is small time to him. It's probably not fair that I complain about it. But - complaining about here keeps me from starting an argument that really doesn't needed started. In marriage, 90% of the arguments you have are over the dumbest, smallest, most insignificant things.

For example, our sink has two sides. If we put the dirty dishes on one side, the other is left I don't have to move all kinds of dirty dishes to use it. Mot doesn't understand my logic. "What happens when we get a sink with one tub, not two?" My thought is that we'll deal with it when that day comes. He wants to start practicing now. :-)


Cowguy said...

It's all this testosterone that we're burdened with totin' around all over creation. It also causes us to fart in theaters.

We're men. We apologize.


Nej said...

Thanks for the laugh!! Just what I needed to put it all into perspective. :-) :-) :-)

Mel said...

There's that "hmmmm..." again. I just know that you're not happy. :)

In the words of someone smarter than both of us "Put up or shut up." LOL!!!!