Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't you just hate it when.....'re in the middle of a very non-paperless task, you reach over to grab the stapler, and you staple your two pages together. But, something doesn't feel quite right. You look down, and there isn't a staple in your pages. You're out.

You lean over, open your desk drawer, and see that you don't have a box of staples.


So now you have to walk down the hall, to the supply closet to get a box of staples.

When you get back to your desk, you realize that all the rigmarole just totally through off the work "zone" you were in.

So you say, fuck it.....get a cup of coffee, read a couple of blogs, check the weather (yep, still colder than hell)...and finally decide that you should get back to what you were doing.

It's about as bad as lifting up a suitcase, that you thought was full, and it wasn't. So you almost throw it through the window you're standing beside.


When you're walking down a flight of stairs, and your arms are full of laundry. You think there's one more step, and there isn't. So, when you take that last step, it feels like your knees are being jammed up through your armpits.

Yes, it's been one of those days. :-)

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