Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waaaay Back When-sday, Episode 1

What's with the weirdo spelling of Wednesday?? Well....after getting caught up on a number of the blogs I follow....(the last time I read any was last Tuesday - I'm still trying to get caught up! Good thing it's a holiday, and there were less posts because of it. whew!)...."Way Back When-sday" is my take on an idea I see allot of in other blogs. Where I take you "way back when" on Wednesdays. Catchy, eh?

No???? That's OK, I understand. Sometimes silly ideas just need to play themselves out. I mean, the first struggle is remembering to post a way back story on Wednesdays. It will probably last all of 1 month (if that)...but let's give it a shot!!!

If anyone has a question about my life (yeah right, like I'm sooo important!) or wants to know when/how I met prom went (and be specific, there were 6...count them 6 proms)....etc, etc.....throw me a comment, and I'll give you the scoop. :-)

So.....let's see....what moment do I replay in my start this party??'s one...

When I was younger, I spent allot of time in St. Louis with my aunt and uncle. I love St. Louis, I really do. There's always something going on. And I've probably only seen 1% of the place.

But grandma would drive me down for the summer. She's stay a few days, then drive home, and I'd live there for a month or so. Grandma was always really nervous about driving in the city. Now that I think about it, props to her for doing it as much as she did.

One year, we were on our way down...and we came to an 'Y' intersection. Do we go left? Do we go right? there she is, stopped, in the middle of traffic, trying to remember. Well....she picked the wrong way. And, about half way through the turn, figured it out. Did she continue straight so she could turn around somewhere and come back?? Nope, she stopped right there...and BACKED UP!!! Oh my gosh, I wasn't of driving age...but I was plenty old enough to be nervous about her decision!

Once we were heading in the right direction, she turned to me and said "Now, don't you tell your aunt about this!"

Yeah, yeah grandma, don't worry, I won't.......

......until you leave.

Yep, the most horrible granddaughter in the world, told her aunt about the traffic incident the minute grandma left the house for home.

Later, I found out why I wasn't to tell her. You see, it's very similar to how my hubby feels when he does something silly and I get to see it. He knows that I'll blog about it.

My aunt, was a news radio DJ on....well, I think it was KMOX. And, to my horror, my aunt went to work, and told the story to her listeners. Unfortunately, grandma wasn't out of town yet. She had stopped to do some shopping before heading out.


When she came back to pick me up later in the summer, I had forgotten about it. But she hadn't. She wasn't mad, angry, or upset...but when she brought it up, it was accompanied by those guilt-inducing grandma eyes. You know the ones!!!

Once we arrived at her house in Iowa (8 or so hours later)....I ran to the restroom....and spent the rest of the week with her sicker than a dog. Sick enough that, in hindsight, I probably should have been taken to the doctor. Food poisoning, big time. And I can point out the truck stop diner that did it to me! Yuck!

It was a karma payback...guaranteed. :-) :-)


Izzy said...

How about the story of how you met your hubby?? I always like hearing those :-)

Happy New Year!

Nej said...

Definitely!! I'll put that down as my next one. :-)