Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Intrigued

So, I'm strolling around the Internet this morning, waiting for my Monday motivation to kick in here at work.

I notice that author of a blog I read (Lyvvie), has a second blog about Bento. I have to admit, I've been intrigued by concept of these things before.

I'm not sure how best describe a Bento. It's a very popular method of transporting (or in some cases, having it delivered) lunch meals. I've always investigated it, then stopped. Why do I stop? Well, because what I would with these boxes is very different than the intended purpose.

Yes, I'd bring my lunch in them....but......well......per tradition, the custom seems to be....well, time consuming. You don't just slop a pbj and some chips in them and walk out the door. The process is much more than's almost an art form. The idea is to put quite a bit of effort into the preparation and presentation.

I, on the other hand, just think they are cool looking, and want to use them to slap my turkey sandwich and granola bar into...and walk out the door. :-) :-)

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I mean, look what people do with these things! It's like art.....I'd feel funny putting my boring chicken breast and Jello cup in these things!!!

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