Monday, December 8, 2008

Hockey, and the rest of my weekend

After finally escaping the longest week at work, I drove home with traffic on my side. Seriously, no red lights, no trouble merging, and I could exceed the speed limit the whole way was awesome!!!!

Mot had arrived home from North Platte during the afternoon, so he was home (playing WoW, of course) when I got there. :-)

Because of Mot's schedule we bought hockey season tickets again this year, but split them with my folks. They do Friday and we go Saturday. Mom had her company xmas party Friday night, so we got the tickets. Thanks goodness for company xmas parties. :-) :-)

We left early for downtown, and ate at our usual pre-hockey spot...Michael's Mexican Cuisine. Yummy! A few margaritas later, we set off for the arena.

Dave Weber, a local TV news dude sang the National Anthem...not too shabby.

Our boys were wearing different jerseys this weekend. They were basically camo (red, white, black and grey) honor of the Military Appreciation week, and......they were going to auction them off at the end of the weekend......uh oh!!!! :-)

Our opponent was from Alaska this week, the Nanooks. It was a pretty exciting game and they were very evenly matched. So much so, that after the 3rd period was complete, the score was still tied at zero.

Into overtime we went......still tied at zero. Then into the shoot out we went.

After going back and forth for what seemed like forever (it was actually about 7 shots each), the Mavs won!!!!!! :-)

There used to be two dudes that sat in front of us at all the games. They were a hoot to sit around, we all got along pretty well. Because we hadn't seen them at all this year, we assumed they moved their seats to the lower bowl. Turns out, they just haven't been able to make a Saturday night game....and thought we'd changed our seats...because they hadn't seen us on Friday nights when they were there. Funny, eh? Anyway.....seeing them Friday night was nice. Just like old times. :-)

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. Woke up early, watched a couple dvr'd episodes of Ghost Hunter while Mot was on the computer. Then we both showered and left to run some errands. Nothing special....bookstore, library, stuff like that.

We came back home.....did a few things around the house....then got ready for more hockey. Saturday was Aaric's bday, so we asked Robin and him to come along with us, our treat. We went down to the arena a little earlier than usual, so we could get tickets for them, near our seats.

Robin and Aaric were late....which is very unlike them.....we'll have to give them crap about that one for a while. :-) (I didn't that night, because it was his birthday. )

A group of elementary kids sang the National Anthem. They had me giggling when they sang a line incorrectly "...gave proof to the knights, that our flag was still there."

This dude is a very loyal fan. He's been sitting a few rows in front of us, every game...for as long as we've been getting tickets. I don't know his name know me, too shy to ask. :-)

Saturday was a repeat of Friday, it was eerie. After the 3rd period was complete, the score was still tied at zero. Into overtime we went......still tied at zero. Into a shoot out we went. After going back and forth for what seemed like forever (a few shots less than the night before though), the Nanoocks won. :-(

Near the end of the 3nd period, Danny (one of the dudes that sits in front of us) and Mot headed down towards the jersey auction table. Mot and I had decided on our way in, that we probably weren't going to bid on my favorite player's jersey. There is so much more we could do with that money. Well.....we are a bad influence on Danny and Steve.....and they are a horrible influence on us. :-) :-) :-)

When the horn sounded for end of the 3rd period....Steve and I looked down towards the auction tables (we had an awesome view of them from our seats). Danny and Mot were jumping up and down, trying to get our attention. Danny was doing the jumping when I first looked I told Steve they won a jersey. Then Danny starting pointing at Mot....who then starting jumping up and down and waving his arms.

He called me, and told me that he needed my purse, so we could pay. :-)

(Here's photographic proof that Robin does, indeed, own a coat. She refuses to wear one, because winter coats are "too puffy." I couldn't believe it, when she walked up to the seats wearing one.)

My Sunday was pretty anti-climactic. Woke up early again, and headed upstairs. The WoW lair was getting a little gross, and needed cleaning. Plus, the walk in closet in the guest bedroom has been calling my name for a while now. It REALLY needs cleaned out, as it's become a catch all.

After working on it, here and there, over the course of the's now about half way done. (I had a movie playing in the den...and would get sucked into it every once and a while. After about 30 minutes, I'd realize that I had gone from standing and watching, to sitting with my feet up and watching. Darn evil electronic device!)

Everything from inside the closet is currently piled in the bedroom. I threw out a ton, and put a ton more in the goodwill/garage sale pile. Now, I just need to load it all back an orderly and organized fashion.

We have sooo much extra bedding in that closet, that was just piled up. It's all dusty, so now I'll have to wash it all. I think I need to find some of those vacuum bags to put it all I don't have to wash the dustiness off of it again. It's going to take me a while. :-)

The quartet showed up about 7:30 for rehearsal, so I had to stop cleaning. I'll get to it again - maybe this weekend, if not sooner. Just glad to have it almost done. It really, really needed it!

"...gave proof to the knights, that our flag was still there." Sorry, it still has me chuckling. :-)

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