Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where's the fire?

Or in this case, where's the crash??

My drive to work takes 15 minutes on a busy morning. It's all interstate, and a tiny smidge of city streets.

It took me 45 minutes today!!!

Why, you ask?

Heck if I know, I answer!

About 5 minutes into my trip (1/3 of the way there), all three lanes of traffic come to a screeching halt. And for 30 minutes, we inch (and I mean INCH) along the road. I drive a manual transmission car. Love it! But, after 10 minutes, I was beginning to rethink my love!

3 inch heels and a clutch to not get along in the real world, especially when forced to stop and start 40 million times in one morning. :-)

At that 30 minute mark, I drive under an Amber Alert sign.

You know, those electronic signs over the roads, that give out helpful tips on your drive "Caution, roads may be icy"....."Amber Alert, looking for a 2003 Ford Focus, License Plate blah, blah, blah".

Today it says "Crash ahead. Left 2 lanes closed, merge right"

Crash ahead? Why does this statement catch me off guard? I mean, it's simple and to the point. I usually respect simple and to the point. But the word crash seems a little unprofessional in the world of road signs...doesn't it??? Or am I crazy??

I drove along in those 2 right lanes for 5 minutes (after the doom and gloom sign)...and saw nothing. Not one little thing! No wreckage, no broken glass, no bumpers or bits and pieces of cars....nothing!!!!!

In fact, the only thing I DID see, were people noticing the absence of carnage as well. They were beginning to drive in those 2 left hand lanes, where the imaginary 'crash' had occurred.

Maybe that's it? The aftermath had already been cleaned up, and they just hadn't changed their sign? Or better yet, maybe it hadn't happened yet, and they were just planning ahead??

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