Thursday, November 20, 2008

When in Rome....

My post yesterday about Bobby McFerrin.....I sat in bed last night wondering why the heck I wrote a post about him. I mean, I think I actually had a real post in mind when I logged on, and then went off on one of my tangents.

Work is a very depressing place right now. They're laying people off....and the rest of us have now entered the "no laughing, there are people loosing their jobs" domain.

It's the world of "why aren't you sitting at your desk working every single second of the, you can't go to the bathroom or take lunch....there are people losing their jobs!!!"

So, because I'm normally a look at the silver lining kind of person...the atmosphere here is suffocating my normally cheerful spirit.

(how many times CAN a person use the word normally in a sentence? I'm trying for a world record of some kind I think!) :-)

And when one is on the brink of going insane....what do they do??? They can either join in the mass hysteria....or they can try to find the happy and goofy things in life = hence, Bobby McFerrin yesterday.

Watch out folks!! You just never know what I'll dig up today. :-)

Let's we go!! Any oldie, but a goodie!

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Mel said...

Ouchie... Our company, the biggest in Des Moines, applied for a $2B bailout the other day and of course that sent the stock on a nose dive. Its sick to think that our stock was between $90-70 a year ago and now its down to $9. Hang in there girl. We are depressed as well.