Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tidbits and thoughts on our vacation (day 7 - Fri)

We got up and left the house on our own this morning. We both needed some alone time. In our regular lives, besides work and occasionally going out with friends, we're loners....home bodies...whatever you want to call it.

We tried to find a diner, or breakfast serving establishment (that wasn't fast food), but finally gave up. Burger King won....we had places to go, people to see. Well...places to go at least. :-)

It was then, that we realized we hadn't grabbed my DSLR for taking pics that day. So....we turned around and went back to the house. Mot ran in really quick and grabbed the camera, and came right back out. I knew that Bill was wanting to get some work done that morning, and Sharon had said something about needing to work I wanted to stay out of their they didn't feel obligated to do something with us.

We stopped by Gerber knives, but they didn't have a factory tour, or a company store. We called a couple more knife companies, and they all said basically the same thing.

We went to Kmart and bought some wrapping paper for the Christmas gift we'd bought the family one of the first days we were there. Would save on shipping, and if they wanted to open it while we were there this week, it would be available.

We were supposed to meet his brother, wife, and two friends of theirs for lunch. Terry and Cindy are awesome people we met the first time we visited Portland. So meeting them for lunch was going to be great!!!!

Lunch was supposed to be at Juan Colorado. Which just so happened to be right down the street from Gerber. We actually drove by it and saw it on accident...we weren't looking for it yet.

So we went in, got a table, and started to order drinks....when I noticed it was 11:00, and no one was there yet. It was then I also noticed the multiple Juan Colorado addresses on the front of the menu. Argh!!!!

His brother wasn't answering his phone, we didn't know Sharon's cell we called Terry.....and he confirmed what I feared.

Terry "Where are you guys?"
Mot "Juan Colorado, where are you?"
Terry "Juan Colorado"
Mot "Yeah, no one specifically told us which one, so we were guessing we'd picked the wrong one. Where are you, we'll be right there."

Terry, Cindy, Mot and I have a good time talking about Mot's brother. He has no clue about pop culture. Movies, music, the works. Whereas the 4 of us are movie buffs...and even better, the 4 of us seen to like the same kinds of movies. Every time we talk to them, we trade recommendations. I recommended Black Sheep...they recommended Zombie Strippers. :-)

After lunch, Mot and I FINALLY got to go to the one place we really wanted to go this year while we were there. The Portland Japanese Gardens.

Holy cow!!!!! I can't tell you how cool this place is. It's in the mountains on the outskirts of Portland. You have to drive up zig-zaggy one way (only one car fits at a time) streets, through multi-million dollar houses to get there.

The gardens are amazing, spectacular, stupendous.....heck, I can't come up with enough words to describe them!!!!




Here's the link to them all.

You'll notice a few duplicates. Most of the shots are taken with my little point and shoot, as it was raining off and on...but Mot had the bigger camera, and took it out when he could.

We were told to be out of Portland by about 3:30 on Friday....and we left the gardens just about it worked out well. Since we were still not ready to go back to the house, we headed towards the Woodburn Outlet mall. I wanted to go to the Columbia store there and see if we could find the matching base layers bottoms to go with the top Mot got earlier in the week.

We stopped at the camera store in the mall...and about spent allot of money. (ugh!) The newest Nikon D300 (or 300D) is smokin' cool!!! But sanity finally took hold, and we left the store. :-)

We did find the bottoms for Mot at the Columbia store. We also got him a sweater. (Are you keeping track of how much clothes Mot bought this trip?)

We stopped at the Le Creuset store to see if they had the wok we'd been looking for. They did...we didn't buy it. Our bags were heavy enough as it was with the books we'd bought at Powells, the new hunting coats his brother got us for Christmas, and the clothes that Mot had purchased already. :-)

From the Le Creuset store, we walked past the pretzel place...what good mall trip is complete without a giant pretzel?? I ended up getting a hot dog in a pretzel...yummy. :-) :-)

We stopped and drooled in the Bose store, and wandered through a purse/bag/shoe store (Cole Haan) on the way out. I left with nothing...but ended up turning around and going back in. I splurged on myself!!!!!

Sharon was making these pineapple and rum drinks in the blender when we got home. They were tasty, but I'm just not a pineapple girl. :-)

Bill went to pick up his son (it was his weekend to have the kids) we played with the twins until they returned. We cracked open the guitar hero when Chris arrived, and just hung out with him some. Man, he's growing up!!!!!

Sarah (his daughter) was playing at a football game in the pep we were in bed when she arrived.

We tried to get as much packing done as we could that night...and then figured we'd finish the next morning, before we had to leave for the airport.

Oh, and remember those base layer bottoms that Mot found? Well, they were youth Chris got a new pair of base layers that day. :-)

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