Friday, November 21, 2008

Just not quite right....

Omaha's final Linens and Things store is closing it's doors. Robin and I found out on Wednesday, and thought we'd head over to see what kind of deals we could find.

I bought two throw pillows and a cover for the futon in our den. (ok, cover is a fancy term for fitted sheet - I admit it!!)

The futon mattress is brown, brown and....well....brown. It's still in really good shape, but ugly...and doesn't fit the colors in that room at all. The walls are kind of peach-ish..while the bookshelves and molding (base boards, etc) are white. So...brown, brown, brown just isn't doing it for me.

As we're walking around LnT, I see these really cool pillows...from there I picked up a fitted sheet and called it good. It's the den, the office, the World of Warcraft need to spend a million dollars, but something HAD to be done!!!!!!

(camera phone pic - pardon the blurriness)

(And....don't say it, the sheet needs taken off and ironed...I know. I just haven't had time, or the motivation yet!)

I also purchsed a new broom for the basement (the one we have is upstairs when we need it downstairs...and downstairs when we need it's annoying!).....and a welcome mat for the front porch (Halloween themed!). Aren't clearance sales fun? Kinda like garage sales, you just never know what you're going to come away with!

I'm not a furniture re-arranger, like some of my friends (Robin). :-) But I am a decorating re-arranger. Our bedroom is painted a greyish brownish color. The comforter and curtains are navy blue. We call it the 'womb room'.....Mot works 24 hour days at the fire department, so we needed a dark room conducive to daytime sleeping.

I've been wanting to change the color from navy blue to red for quite some time now. I found some light blocking curtains in a red....but didn't buy them. I didn't buy them for many reasons....#1 everyone is going red on their bedrooms it seems, I hate being one of the masses #2 because everyone is going red, you can't find it - so I couldn't find a comforter to match #3 we have 2 light haired cats....'nuff said.

Thursday at lunch, I had a major blow up with my boss, and needed to get the heck out of Dodge. Where did I go? LnT of course!

Good thing I didn't buy those curtains...they were actually too short! 63 inches, and I need 84 inches.

But, I did find curtains (the right length) AND a duvet for our current comforter in a Butterscotch color.

When I got home, Mot helped me hang the curtains and put the duvet on the comforter.

You know what?? This color isn't doing it for me, at all!!! Ugh!

When I woke up this morning, I figured out the issue. The walls are a color from the "cool" side of the color wheel, whereas the curtains and duvet belong on the "warm" side.

(My elementary art teacher would be so proud! It's the same reason I can't wear skin tone doesn't do well with warm tones.)

But, I think I can fix this!!!!

(again, I know that I need to iron these's that same lack of motivation)

Here's the plan....I'll get one single curtain, to hang between the two butterscotch that matches the walls. And I'll also get accent pillows for the bed (I know, me - accent pillows?) to match the walls. Thus - drawing the two conflicting colors together!!!! :-)

Is this a good plan or what?

So, with that plan in mind, I went back to LnT for lunch today. Robin insisted we go. (hehe)

(by the way, if you're keeping score, this is the third day in a row I've been there over lunch - I'm surprised they all don't yell my name when I enter the store, as they did when Norm entered the bar in Cheers)

I found some greyish pillows and some curtains to match them quite nicely.....but after some thought, I just bought the pillows. If they work with the walls, I'll go back and get the curtains...if not, I can always use them in the guest bedroom...or something!

The biggest bummer about the whole thing? I bought an oil painting when I was in South Korea a few years ago. It's got different shades of greys. TOTALLY doesn't work in the room now. I'm hoping that bringing in these grey accent colors, it will help. If not....I'll have to figure out something different.

The artwork will be decided later, something will call out to me. Maybe once I get those pillow and curtains with the grey, it won't need changed?

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Mel said...

Ironing it? Really? Hmmm. now that I think of it, I think Shel does the same thing to our curtains.