Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bring em on!!!!


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

It was the canned goods and running that killed me. Darn it!!!!!!!


PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Hi! Thanks for the link. I have linked back. I really like your photography. Would you mind if I used this picture:

In one of my posts. I will put a disclaimer at the bottom linking it to your album and blog.

Thanks PCSO Bloggs/PC Plastic Fuzz

Me! said...

Lol, I'm pretty sure I'd only have a 2% chance.

Oh, and I left something for you on my blog ("Scribbles") :-)

KayakNej said...

Left me something? I love surprises!!! I'll have to go check it out as soon as I get this "been gone for a week, and the world came to an end while I was gone" stuff here at work. :-) :-) :-)