Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recipes from my past (Peanut Butter Mug Puddle)

I'm not a cook.

I'm not a chef.

My signature dish is Mac and Cheese.

(signature dish? I've been watching Hell's Kitchen reruns, sorry!)

I love to bake, but don't do it.

(Why? Then the baked goods are in the house, ripe for eating. Ugh!)

I'm the pickiest eater in the world.

(Well, maybe not THE pickiest. I've met a few worse than I...and I really feel for them. It's a horrible disease.)

Peanut Butter - creamy - not crunchy.

(Smooth food should not have little landmines of crunch. It's just wrong. Was that a peanut chunk, or some foreign substance that should not be in my peanut butter? You just never know!!!)

Miracle whip - not mayo.

Ketchup, but it has to be Heines. Hunts is horrible!!!!

Carrots - cooked, not raw.

(And preferably pulverized into my mashed potatoes, so I really don't have to taste them.)

Green beans rock...especially with bacon and onion. :-)

Any-who.....I'd better get back to the recipe.....all this food talk is making me hungry!!!

A friend of mine showed this to me in high school, so I won't take credit for the creation. I will, on the other hand, take credit for it's publicity and marketing. :-)

Peanut Butter Mug Puddle (by Tiffany Hall)

Take a mug, put a big scoop of peanut butter in it. Then take a squeeze bottle of ice cream chocolate sauce and squirt a bunch in the mug. Fill mug with milk. Place in microwave for 1 -2 minutes (depending on how new or old your microwave is). Stir and Drink

It tastes like a liquid peanut butter cup!!!! Is there anything better?

The rainy day today made me think of it....and I've been craving one every since.

Try it, and let me know how you like it.

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Me! said...

Lol, we do sound like twins -- mac'n'cheese is my signature dish too :-)

Go Cowboys! ;-)