Thursday, October 23, 2008


I woke up this morning, and knew that today was the day I needed to be a shit.

We all have those days. Don't we?? The days where you just can't control yourself.

Maybe it's the weather (raining for 3 days now - love it!!!), maybe it's temperature (glorious highs in the 50's - love it!!), or maybe it's just because I haven't been a shit in a while, and I'm due???

My excuse today, a sore throat.

Yesterday was pretty darn miserable. I felt fine, but my throat had another story to tell. I finally broke down and borrowed some berry flavored cough drops from Robin. Mainly, I just needed to keep my throat lubricated, but was going to float away if I drank any more fluids. :-)

On my way home, I stopped at Wally World (Walmart) and bought a buffet of cold medications, one of which needed picked up behind the prescription counter. I gave the lady my ID, my SSN, signed over my first born, the title to my car, and $400 million dollars. :-)

Mot had tacos waiting for me when I got home. Yummy!!!!! Good thing I married a guy that loves to cook, or I'd starve. Or eat mac and cheese every night.

(You'd think I'd get sick of the stuff after surviving college on it....but still has a place in my heart and tummy!!)

After eating, I sat down on the couch to watch the Biggest Loser (thanks msnbc, for ruining it, I already knew who was going home)...then a couple episodes of Ghost Hunter, and one episode of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (this falls under my train wreck TV category).

Once I determined my brain was officially mush, I took some Tylenol PM (NyQuil, eat your heart out!!), and went to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling quite good actually. Granted, the only thing that felt bad the day before was my throat. Overall, besides the throat, I felt great. This morning was pretty much the same. In fact, my throat wasn't even as bad. Yippee!!!

Mot came in after his shower and asked me a question. I can't really explain the noise that came out of my mouth in reply. It was this adolescent boy sounding screech of a noise.

Uh oh....voice is gone. Hmmmm.....I feel fine, but a lost voice is immediate 'excuse to not go to work' material. The sick call alone sounds horrible. All I'd have to do it say the words, "I'm not coming in," and everyone at work thinks "wow, she's sick...good thing she's keeping those germs at home."

Unfortunately, my good work ethic (and fear - no, scratch that....terror of Karma) got me out of bed and into the shower. Hooray responsibility!!!

So now I'm at work...staring at a piece of paper...with a scowl on my face. Our quality director wants us to fill out some broad, generalized, waste of time sheet...listing our job duties. This same piece of paper was on my desk months ago. I printed out my job description from the quality files (yes, they already have my job description in their files...I will NEVER understand that department!!!). Anyway....I printed it out, and attached it to this sheet with the words "see attached" on it.

Turns out they didn't except my attempt to avoid this horrible waste of time, red tape, bullsh*t!!!! They have specifically asked me to write my job description on this new sheet, using my own words.

I've eliminated the names of people...but here is what I wrote on my sheet.

Oversee all aspects of the {client's name} account. Duties include the between {our company's name} and {client's name}, quoting, management of shipping, production, procurement and scheduling of {client's name} jobs, fortune telling, habitual lying, mind reading, butt kissing, wrist slashing, binge drinking, in-house psychiatry, refrigerator stocking, toilet paper replacing, babysitting, romper room supervision, responsible gossip filtering, misc quality duties {quality director's name} is paid to do, and any other duties assigned.

I think it will go over smashingly, what do you think????

I sent a copy to Mot at work. His response....."if you turned that in, you are a goddess."

Isn't the corporate world fun????? :-)


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