Friday, September 5, 2008

Tick Friggin' Tock

4:34 pm. Today is officially the longest day ever, in the history of man. Well...OK....that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Just a little. But still.....could this day drag any worse??? If I'm not careful, I'll jinx myself, fall into some sort of flaw in the space/time continuum and be stuck at 4:34 for eternity. Is there any worse fate than 4:34 on Friday afternoon...forever!!!???!!!???!!!???

After the last couple of completely stupid, crazy, idiotic, dumb, and just plain retarded days of this short week...I find myself bored to tears on Friday. Is there nothing for me to do? No, I can't say that. But, is there nothing for me to do that seems more thrilling that having my fingernails ripped out one by, no there isn't.

We have guests for the weekend (yeah!!)...and my mind is wandering. Such questions as "what the heck are we going to do to show these wonderful gals a good time?" and "do I really need to clean the inside of the fridge, how often do people really look at the condition of their buddy's fridge?" The answer to the latter, of course, is no. No one cares if the inside of your fridge isn't spotless. I mean, as long as things don't run for cover when the light comes on, it should be good. Right??? But - my dad taught me quite a few things when I was a kid (as much as I don't want to admit it some days). Using NO round containers for storage, never use Valvoline oil in your car, unplug the toaster when you are done using it - no matter what, and my favorite "And toss the cord!" (only those really close to me will get that one, but it made me smile typing it, so all is well) Anyway, he also ingrained this need...nay, desire...nay, compulsion to make sure that my house is clean before expected guests arrive. Those that stop by unannounced are more than welcome, but they have to understand the clean house option is negated by not calling before arrival!!!

Anyway, tonight's plan is cleaning the fish tank. Some people pay to have the sound of water in their house....but when the sound of a fish tank below the necessary water level becomes very similar to the sound of someone urinating....well, it's time to do something about it!! And, it would also be very nice to SEE my fish. Poor Puffer is going to go blind, when the sunlight, currently being hampered by the layer of green slime, is allowed to flow freely into his tank. His eyes are huge, the shock is going to be great. I really should clean it after the sun goes down...or maybe pull the blinds. Poor Puffer!

Also on my agenda is washing the bedding in the spare bedroom. Yes, I put it on the bed clean...and no, no one has slept in it since. But...the cats have been in the room. Their fur should be used as a weapon in the matter what you do, it ends up in EVERYTHING!! We keep a plastic sheet (actually, it's a plastic tablecloth cover) over the bed at all times. Does this work? Well, I'm sure that it would be much worse without the plastic.....but it is perfect? NO!

After the bedding is put in the washer, I will then move on to cleaning the den. Mot's (and my) favorite room of the house. You can tell it's his favorite...but the path of destruction he has left up there. The desk can go from clean to atomic bomb test site, in under 30 seconds. I kid you not!!!

Well....I've successfully passed the last half hour of mind numbing afternoon....and need to head out. Talk to you all next week!!!!

P.S. I got the tank cleaned tonight, like I wanted. :-)


Mel said...

It's amazing how much we think alike. The last time you guys came to visit I had a menu planned and everything...disgusting isn't it?!?


Robin said...

Your tank is really nice...I bet puffer is so much happier being able to see you guys :-)