Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No rest for the weary...

How can a person be sooo tired, but when she lays down for bed, she just lays there....no sleeping involved. It's truly not fair.

I read a little of my magazine first (Mel, did you see the rain water collection system in the newest home projects magazine? Thought of you when I saw it.) Anyway, the magazine made me sleepy, so I turned off the light......and tossed and turned. OK, OK....I turn the light back on...get out my book....read a few chapters or so. Once I hit the point where I could barely keep my eyes open, I turned off the light....and tossed and turned. I got up, went out to the living room, and put in a music CD. One of those tranquility, calming, soothing music things. The CD that you got when your buddy (Robin) bought you a refill pack of your favorite razors, because it was a steal of a price. The razors also came with this CD and some bath soap things. The kind of CD you refuse to get rid of, even though you'll probably never listen to it. Yeah - one of those!!! Heck, I'm actually surprised that I even knew where to find it. Thank goodness for the spring cleaning bug I picked up this weekend. The CD was down in the newly refreshed gym....thought it'd be a good yoga CD sometime.

Anyway, put the CD in, turned off the light. Come on sleep!!!!!!. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing....wide awake. I just don't understand. No caffeine in my system. I ate at regular dinner time and was active after dinner until bed. Nothing bugging me or worrying on my brain. Just NO SLEEP!!!!

When my alarm went off this morning....I knew it was coming...I'd been staring at the clock waiting for it to happen. This is craziness!!!! I was still horribly tired...but KNEW that I needed to get up and workout. Today was the first day of waking up early to workout on my own at home. If I didn't do it today, subconsciously, I'd NEVER end up making this work. I didn't bust my butt all day Saturday making the gym usable to not use it. :-)

I got out of bed, and wandered down stairs. Put in a workout DVD, and nothing happened. You know, now that I think of it...when I hooked up all the entertainment components on Saturday, I didn't double check everything. I listened to the radio, so I knew the stereo worked....but didn't throw a movie in to check that out. Duh! It never fails, when will I learn????

After sitting on the floor, messing around with the web of cables, I finally got it working. Actually, the cables aren't a mess. I found these things called cable clamps one day when I was in Home Depot. They'd been sitting on the shelf downstairs ever since then. But Saturday, I put them to use. I can get to the cables I want and need.....and there's no untangling or cussing involved. My dad would be so proud of it!!!! By the time I got it all figured out, it was time to go upstairs and get ready for work. Guess tomorrow will be my first day of waking up and working out on my own. Out all of those cables, the issue was a color thing. You know the cables with a red, yellow and white plug. And you put the red cable in the red hole, etc, etc??? Well....apparently on Saturday I felt the need to put a yellow cable in a white hole. (hehehehe)

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Mel said...

I wonder if you need to workout at night? Would that put you to sleep?