Monday, September 29, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust! (Sunday)

Sunday was supposed to be MUCH more relaxing. Right??? Wrong!!

Sunday am, 2:30....I'm taken out of my deep sleep by a sound. I wasn't for sure what it was. I sleep really deep, but, when it's a strange sound...I'm awake. Somehow I was born with the ability to determine whether it's a sound I should wake up to or not. It's a gift, it's a curse!!! :-)

I laid there for a number of minutes, not hearing anything. As I was just about to fall asleep, I heard it again. One of my dogs. We keep them in their kennels at night - it's their choice, if we don't, they through a fit, seriously! But anyway, their kennels are on the other side of the house from the bedroom, the a/c is still turned on...they are on the other side of the door to the breezeway, between the house and the garage. And I could just BARELY hear it, as I lay there awake. For Pete's sake, how did that wake me up??? It's a gift, it's a curse!!!

I shuffled myself out to see what was wrong....all the while, trying not to wake up too much. The less you wake up, the easier it is to get to sleep, right?? (hehehe)

Well.....she had urinated in her kennel....but it's a diabetic urination. By that, I mean tons and tons of fluid. Diabetes makes you thirstier than heck, and that, of course, makes you need to pee like the proverbial race horse. Ugh!!!

I opened all three kennels and ushered them out into the back yard. And went back to bed. Heck yes, you heard me. I'd clean it up at a more normal time!! Darn it!

At 7:10, Mot comes home from work. He comes in the front door and shuts it behind him (not quietly)...walks across the living room floor (not quietly)...comes into the bedroom and dumps his work clothes (he's a fireman) down the laundry chute (not quietly) - oh, and don't forget to just let the lid to the chute fall closed, instead of setting it down nicely. Then he lays down in bed beside me....and take all the covers. I was good with all the noise, knowing that he'd eventually lay down and become quiet. But my warm covers were pulled off, quite hastily I might add....that's just going to far.

I yanked them back, and mumbled something along the lines of "what the heck are you doing?" He sighed (as only a hubby can) and stomped out of the bedroom....and into the bathroom for a shower.

So I get up, and shuffle into the bathroom right behind him and b*tch him out (as only a wife can do). What a way to start the day, right??????? After his shower, I shower - why not, I'm up now. When I get out of the shower, he has all his motorcycle riding gear on, and is ready to leave. We proceed to fight for about 30 minutes or so (as only a married couple can do). Then decide to go to breakfast. (our arguments never last long - I firmly believe in getting the situation handled right then, life is too short to dink around with the small stuff!!) He changed into shorts and a t-shirt, I put on similar garb...and we head out.

We hit Bruegger's for some bagels and ate them at a nearby park. We had an order to pick up at Cabela's, so needed to waste time until 10 when they opened. I found a product line of scent free shampoos, conditioners, etc for women, for hunting....and it was waiting for us to pick it up. Can't wait to see if it's any better than that stuff that Mot uses.

From there, we went to the grocery store to get supplies for the day. Mom was throwing a small get together for my dad and uncles birthdays (09/11 and 09/16). She tried a couple weeks ago, but everyone was sick or couldn't make it.

I soon found myself driving BAC
K to the state park (where I spent most of my day the day before). It was nice. Grandma was there....and a couple of friends of mom and dad's stopped by. They were camping a few sites down...and had also entered the dutch oven cook off on Saturday.

The boys hanging out at the campsite after lunch.

My cousin playing peekaboo with the camera. :-)

Tom started getting antsy after we'd been there a couple hours. I took a bike ride with my sister and mom, then we left. (I had left my bike there from Saturday, and came prepared with bungee cords for the transport home - it worked perfectly!!!).

You'll never guess what we did on the way home? No, really, go ahead...guess!!! We went to the grocery store. (For those of you keeping track, this will be my third stop.) Tom decided, on the way home, he wanted to make meatloaf for dinner...but we needed a few things. I waited in the car, with my bike on the bike rack. I used the time to see if I could find some fun new games to download onto my blackberry. :-)

When we got home, Tom started dinner, and I ran to Target for a few supplies. My current project, should I ever have time to get to it, is cleaning and organizing the basement. I bought two or three shelving systems, and got to work on them when I got home, before dinner was ready.

I pretty much worked on that until I went to bed. I'm no where near done, by any means....but it's starting to look better. And I can walk around down there without kicking the assorted box of stuff we haven't touched since we moved. Yeah, I know. I hate keeping that stuff around. But, you just never know what's in there...and when I may need it. Come on!! Give me a break here!!! :-)

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