Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is he safe???

As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, Tom was getting out of the shower. He actually got some sleep at work last night (that sounds so funny), and was awake and ready for the day. I asked him what he was going to be doing....he said he needed to mow. I asked him why he took a shower. He said that he had to meet his mom and grandmother first. They are shopping for a new computer for grandma.

Skip ahead a few hours...I get a call at work...from Tom's mom. She was running a little late, and wanted to let Tom know they were on their way into town. She wasn't able to get ahold of him..and asked if I'd pass on the message. I tried calling home and his answer either place. Oh well, he'll figure it out.

20 minutes later. "Were you able to get ahold of Tom...we're at the store, and have looked around for him, but he doesn't appear to be here. " I told her I'd try answer.

30 minutes later. "Have you talked to Tom?" Ugh!!! OK....where the heck is he? He's not answering his phone and he's late. I can see one or the other...but not both. Wonder what's up? I told her to call me when she found him...because I was now getting a little worried. It's like a's takes hold and spreads!!!! I told her to pretend he's a lost child, and have him paged. He may have been there all along, but since she was a few minutes later - he's walking around the big screen TV section. She laughs nervously, and hangs up.

15 minutes later....I've heard nothing from his mom. Thought I'd give her a call to make sure she found him. She hasn't...and she's sounding a little upset about it. You can hear that motherly worry in her voice.

10 minutes later.....she calls....she's heard nothing. Now she's going to actually have him paged...since she didn't before when we were joking around about it. :-) I told her that I was just going to run home really quick. It would make everyone feel better. Robin, my close friend here at work, said she'd tag along. There are three possible reason she wanted to go along....1)she wanted to be there in case I found him dead in the backyard 2) she wanted to be there in case I found him OK, so I wouldn't kill him and leave him in the backyard myself 3) she just wanted out of the office. Probably all of the above, she's a mind reader!! :-) :-)

Just as we are driving down the my street....the cell phone rings. It's Tom...and he's mad. Not happy at all. Here I am, happy to hear that he's OK...and he's p*ssed off!!! He continued rambling on about silly women, this....why did you, that. Blah, blah, yakity schmakity. Basically....all women are crazy silly idiots....and why the heck were you worried about me. Duh...didn't you know that I'd decided to mow the lawn???? Didn't you just know that instead of waiting for my mom's call like I said I would, I grew sick of waiting and mowed the lawn - without a phone on me? Of course, he didn't say those things exactly.....but I'm not really exaggerating too much. You ladies know what I mean.....they can say things with their mouths....but they can also say things without speaking. :-)

I no more than pulled into the driveway, when I pulled right back out and headed for work. I've got better things to do with my time then waste it worrying about this man. I mean really. He should feel great that he has people in his life that worry about him when he's an hour and a half late...and doesn't call. He SHOULD...but he doesn't. I knew that I'd get over it..but right then...I was seeing red!!!!

I walk back in to work. Jean, another co-worker who was starting to get worried along with me....took one look at my face, and said "uh oh! Did you find he safe????" She really didn't need an face said it all.

He has called me at work twice now. Trying to act as though nothing has happened and be all happy and crap. He actually asked me "So...besides the commotion at lunch, how has your day been?" I replied with the universal womanly response "fine" which means....I'm not fine, and you know it. He says "Besides the fact you're married to an a$$hole, right?"

Is he safe?? He may be alive....but he is definitely NOT safe!!! :-)


Mel said...

Go Jen-Jen go! Sorry Mot!

Robin said...

I think it was a smart thing for me to "tag" along with you. Mot you should be thanking me :-)