Thursday, July 17, 2008

False Alarm.....

I shifted in bed this morning and must have kicked a cat laying by my feet, because I woke up to a very.....well.....ticked off sounding meow. It wasn't a meow that said "ouch, that hurt!" was more like "hey, I'm sleeping here!" I apologized to the cat out loud - argh, why do I insist upon doing that? It's not like they can understand (or want to understand) a single word out of my mouth and look at the clock. 47 minutes after the hour. I roll over to go back to sleep...when it dawns on me. My alarm goes off at 6:01 (don't ask me why, it's just the time it's set to go off, there's no logical explanation for it). My alarm didn't go off.........crap!!!

Up and out of bed I fly, the already upset cat falls out of bed, tangled in the bedding I just threw on top of her. I stumble into the bathroom and participate in one of those marathon showers we all do when our alarm doesn't wake us up. You all know what I'm talking about!!!! Shampoo in, shampoo's not really even on the hair long enough to do any good, but you do it anyway. Now, with my hair, conditioner cannot be skipped. So, conditioner on, shave the legs quick, conditioner off. Then turn off the water, 'kinda' get dried off, and walk to the closet.

I stand there for a few minutes, just looking. I can't be the only that has this problem...can I???????? What problem, you ask? It's the "I have quite the selection of clothing in my closet...but I have nothing to wear" problem. It seems to be more common of an occurrence with women, than their male counterparts. But you CANNOT tell me that women are the only ones afflicted with this disorder!!!

This shirt is too tight, this one makes me look pregnant (even though it didn't when I wore it last week)....this skirt is too short (hmmmm, maybe that's not all so bad? nah...I don't feel like pushing the dress code envelope today) This one makes me look 83 1/2 years old....this shirt is waaaayyyy too pink. Do I really own pink??? How the heck did pink make it into my closet? These pants need ironed, this shirt makes my hair all static-y, and my favorite - half way through ironing when you notice the Coke stain (from spilling on myself on the way to Des Moines a few weeks ago) really didn't come out in the wash at all. And so on, and so forth.

As I come up the stairs (finally wearing something that doesn't make me want to hide at my desk and not come out until 5:00), I notice the clock on the stove in the kitchen. 10 after 6:00...well, that's not too bad...I did all of this in 20 minutes!!! WAIT ONE FRIGGIN' SECOND!!! 10 minutes after 6:00?? That clock says it's 6:10. Ugh. My alarm doesn't even go off until 6:01. For crying out loud, my alarm didn't wake me up, because it wasn't time for it to go off yet. I just busted my butt to get ready for work. Man, I hate it when that happens!!!!! Now I'm almost ready, and it's not even time for me to officially haul my rump out of bed???? My alarm may go off at 6:01, buuuutttttttt I hit the snooze three times and get up at 6:19.

At least it didn't happen on a Saturday. :-)

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