Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Dog!!!

Sunday afternoon:

Steve found out I was taking my new sewing machine for a test drive, so he stopped by to watch the carnage ensue action.

At one point, before the sun had gone down, he was on the back deck....just finishing throwing the ball for Sam. I was inside messing around with a zipper. Mot was in the living room playing xBox.

All of a sudden Sam starts woofing. Not barking...just woofing. Steve and I both turned to look at her at the same time. At once we noticed she wasn't looking at something on ground level. She was FIXED on something in our Maple trees. I get up from the dining room table to come out and see what has her so alert.

Steve started laughing.

"Nej, you need to see this. You have ducks in your trees."

I went out, and sure enough, we had two good lookin' wood ducks sitting in our trees. They hadn't made a noise coming in....but Sam knew what they were.

We have soooo many birds in our yard. Robins, this year in numbers I've never seen before. Bluejays, our pair of Cardinals are back, owls, doves, etc, etc.

She could care less. They walk around the deck in front of her, they drink out of her water bowl, they bath in her swimming pool. She won't give them the time of day.

BUT.......two random ducks fly into our trees and she's all over it. Alert the media! "Dad, get your gun!"

Good girl!!!!!


Eternal Lizdom said...

So did you have duck for dinner? ha!

Nej said...

Stupid "no firing your weapons or hunting in the city limits" laws....(grumble grumble)