Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010 (part 2)

After our 5K, Mot and I went back to the hotel, and Kent, Linda and Amanda went back to their place. We were all in need of a shower. :-)

After we were all squeaky clean, Mot and I went back to their house to enjoy the rest of our day inside. Where it was warm and dry.

You see, Mot and I had arrived in Chesterfield (just outside St Louis proper) on Wednesday. Over the course of the day it rained and rained and rained. And then that night, there were tornado warnings.

On the day before Thanksgiving.

Anyway.....on Thanksgiving it rained (lightly)...then sleeted....then snowed.

When we left that night to go to the hotel, we couldn't get the car doors open. They were frozen shut. :-)

Anyway.....after our showers, it was only sleeting....but getting inside the warm house was comforting.

Not long after, my sister and her family arrived on the scene, and the cooking began.

(Well, what was left that is. Quite allot of the cooking had been done by Amanda the night before!!!!)

Brandon and Amanda discussing gravy and sweet potatoes.

Linda checking a recipe online.

Lauren and Amanda getting the fresh green beans ready for cooking.

Brandon taking a second look at the recipe.....

...before adding EXACTLY enough vanilla.

The meal getting laid out and ready for eating!!

Dishing up the chow. :-)

Sitting at the table.

Mot checking out the dessert table.

Mot trying out some of the mulled wine on the end of the dessert table.
(nice photo bomb Inny!!!)

Once dinner was over, and the kitchen was clean...we all hung out in the living room for a while.

Checking holiday ads online.

Snuggling up to watch TV.

Shooing away the paparazzi.

Checking the sale ads.

This was going to be the first year in quite some time that Inny and I didn't participate in Black Friday.

Or so we thought. :-)

You know when you go to a person's house, there is always something strange sitting around.

Linda cut her finger while cooking the day before.....and she just happened to have these in her medicine cabinet.

Talk about healing powers!! :-)

The kids also took some time to get out the train set.

While the adults played Rummy-O at the dining room table.

What to play, what to play....

Mot, posing for the camera. As usual.

Deep in thought.

So......as I mentioned earlier.....we THOUGHT this was going to be a non Black Friday year. But Kent and Linda found a washer and dryer in one of the ads with a price they couldn't ignore.

So, the four gals got up horribly early the next morning to stand in line. :-)

Inny, Amanda, and Linda in line.

The Red Bull car arrived on the scene...handing out Red Bull shots to those waiting in line. Sweet!!!!

Now, in our past Black Friday shopping excursions we've come across pushing, shoving, fighting, yelling, cussing......the works.

In Chesterfield, it was quite the opposite. Everyone stood in line, and when the doors opened, everyone single filed into the building. At snail speed.

Inny and I thought a little "Omaha" needed brought to the mix....so we went cutting through the store....at a mild run.....while others just watched.

Hello folks...it's Black Friday...let's get into the spirit of things!!!!

Larry, the sales guy (wasn't that his name? Inny? Linda?) didn't know what to do when Inny draped herself across the target, while I took pictures. :-)

While we were waiting for the financial transaction to be made...Inny and I jumped on the some fitness equipment to pass the time.

From Sears, we headed next door to Macy's.

On the way in the store, we got behind these people. Apparently pajama pants tucked into Uggs, and a fanny pack worn as messenger bag were the hottest of style trends...in the 90's...in St. Louis.

I had the three gals pose like I was taking their pic (that's Inny's arm on the right)....when I was really taking a picture of the style offender.

After our stop at Macy's, we headed out for breakfast.

Where the waitress spilled my chocolate milk all over the table. Then, instead of cleaning it up...she literally THREW a pile of napkins at me, and walked away.

Hmmmmm....she must have been upset about having to work on Black Friday. I bet there was a smokin' deal somewhere that she was missing. :-)

After breakfast we all went back to our hotels and beds for a couple hours, before reconvening at Kent and Linda's.

My sis and family were staying a couple more days, while we were going to be heading home. Before we left, everyone loaded up in their vehicles and we went to Fleet Feet to look around. I was in heaven. A running store, with an awesome selection of gear. What is there not to love??????

From there, Mot and I set the GPS for home and we left.

It was a great holiday!!!!!!!!

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