Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glacier National Park (3)

Good morning Montana!!!

I could really get used to waking up to this, I swear!!!!!

We woke up to a wet campground. So far, it had been a somewhat "soggy" trip....but that was nothing compared to what we encountered later in the hike! :-)

Hanging out in the tent, waiting for everyone to get up.

Making breakfast before heading out.

From the Red Eagle Lake campground, we set off for the Triple Divide Pass.

(called the triple divide because water from this location flows to not two, but three oceans....the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic)

Our elevation gain and distance traveled was going to be MUCH higher and longer than the day before!!!!! :-)

The group set out in three smaller groups...but we all met up and passed each other multiple times over the day.

I elected not to bring my DSLR...but Brady brought his. Every time I saw it, I was peeved that I didn't go ahead and bring mine. With the unknown status of my knee, I just didn't want one more thing to worry about. (sigh)

Cairns to show us where to make our first actual river (small river) crossing. Quite a few of us decided to balance our way across a downed log. Some took off shoes and went walking.

We stayed somewhat dry, until just after stopping for lunch. That's when the rain started, and really didn't leave again....well....for the rest of the hike.

Ashely and her home made gaiters....made from the rain pants she started the trip wearing! :-)

The higher we got, the rain started changing to sleet and snow. I didn't get many pictures while it was really coming down...mainly because I was trying to keep my hat on my head, and my fingers from freezing. The wind started to pick up just as we hit the monster switchbacks that led up to the pass.

We found ourselves planting our hiking poles in and bracing against the wind quite a bit....and it made for slow going up the mountain.....but boy was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!

See that sun on that distant mountain? We spent quite a bit of time wishing it was shining down on us! :-)

Looking back along the trail.

Getting closer!! The sleet and snow was coming down pretty good...but you can't see it in the picture.

The top!!!!

Now, we have to go back down.

Pot of gold at the end of that rainbow?? No. But our campsite was!!!!! :-)

We arrived at the Atlantic Falls campground as it was starting to get dark. We made dinner and all went to bed. It was still pouring rain, and everyone was pretty tuckered out.

Drying wet socks and boots over the fire. It rained on us all through the night...and into the next morning.

Good night Montana!!!


Brook said...

It looks wonderfully miserable-in the best way!

Nej said...

WONDERFULLY miserable. That's a pretty good way of putting it actually. I'd go back and do it again, in the exact same conditions, all over again!! :-)

Nej said...

Well....maybe one less "condition"...but that's a long, disappointing story.

Moonspun said...

Wow....words couldn't ever really describe these pictures...

Nej said...

@ Moonspun - you're exactly right. There are no words.