Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glacier National Park (2)

Good morning Montana!

Now THIS is what I like to see when I get up in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in love!

We made breakfast....

Packed up our gear.....

And headed out!!! Day 1 of backpacking.....I couldn't wait to get on the trail!!!!!!

(oh, and I wanted to note, we met up with two other members the day before...taking our group total to 10!!!)

We left the town of St. Mary's and were headed for our first night at the back country campgrounds at Red Eagle Lake. It was going to be an easy hiking day, with not much elevation gain.

(blister repair stop)

(bear tracks along the way)

Our permits led us through prime Glacier bear territory. You couldn't take too many steps without stepping around the largest piles of poo I've ever seen.

Berry filled piles of poo. :-)

We saw sunshine when we headed out.....but it didn't last long.

The first of a couple bridges along the trail.

Jared got the most AWESOME video of this little ferret, mink, weasel thing under the bridge. Cutest damn thing ever!! He lived in the logs on the other side....but once we all started arriving, he stopped showing his fury little face to anyone. Bummer!

Over the course of the week, Brady showed us his "mad" balancing skills. :-)

Just before we hit our first campground (for the second time) we passed a moose and calf in the lake!

I say our first campsite, for the second time, because there was a bit of a permit snafu. Apparently there are sites at the foot and the mouth of the lake....and we initially set up in the wrong set. All tents up, and dinners starting to cook....(sigh). But being the troopers that we are....we packed up and moved.

Dinner...take 2! :-)

Jared found himself in some poisonous plant life. And boy did it itch!! :-)

Hanging the first of the groups bear bags before bed.

Good night Montana!!!!

(to be cont)