Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Update: Modale Fun Days

Last weekend, my hometown (until second grade) held it's annual Fun Day at the city park.

Last year, we were forced (twisted arms and everything!) to participate in the Bocce tournament.

We lost horribly.

This year, we had to come back and defend our title.

We did. :-)

Local elections are coming up, and some of the local politicians had a little "match" of their own.

Mom getting some shots of the action.

The park was full of stuff for people to do. Bouncy houses, horse rides, water fights, craft projects for the kids, etc.

The fire department set up a barrel on a cable. Two teams, each with a firehouse, try to move the barrel across a line on the other team's side. Tug-a-war, with a twist.

We had to halt play a number of times to remove toads from the playing field. They were everywhere!!!!!! :-)

Our team name is "renegades."

Basically because we were the only team last year of people who'd never played bocce before. We didn't know the rules, and didn't have matching league tshirts.

This year, we all had knee high socks. No one had the same sock, and we each had non-matching ones on each leg.

My second hometown (2nd grade to three years ago) sent a reporter from the paper to come cover the event. He took quite a few pics of my sister and I, in our socks, and said they were going to be in the paper.

I debated giving him a fake name when he asked....but didn't. (sigh) Everyone there knows me anyway. :-)

It was a million degrees out, with two million % humidity. Emmy was the smart one. She hung out in the shade all afternoon. :-)

Lauren was asked to fill the 4th spot on another team.

After her team beat us, horribly, she played in the finals. They lost.....but I might have some "disagreements" with it. At one point they were ahead by 7 or 8 points.

After the tournament was over, we all packed up and left.

The girls (Inny, Lauren, mom and I) were camping in mom's camper that night.

We spent the evening playing games and watching movies.

Sleeping beauty the next morning.

We made a quick breakfast, then I headed home.


MJenks said...

I miss little midwestern town festivals. They don't have that down here, or if they do, everything revolves around who can make the most revolting barbecue.

I'm not a fan of vinegar-based barbecue.

Nej said...

I don't mind the vinegar based stuff....but it has to be done well. I've become more of a fan of dry rubs, rather than wet BBQ.

Brook said...

Looks like you all a ton of fun. Beautiful pictures too!

Nej said...