Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend Update: Devils Lake, WI (part 3)


"That's it! I've had it. I can't stand it any longer!!!! I'm outta here!!!!!!!"

It was then that I finally pulled myself out of the tent, and walk down to the pit toilets.

I love nature, but will never deny missing flush toilets. :-)

I thought this place was nice last night.....whoa Nellie....last night had nothing on this morning.

The sun coming through the trees is amazing. The bright green contrasting with the dark morning shadows. The birds chirping...

...and this other noise.

This downright annoying noise.

What IS that??

It's a mid-range hummmmmmm. Like a mosquito, or a distant tornado siren...but worse.

As I sat there in my chair, it slowly drove me completely insane!!! I had to go investigate.

Some campers came in last night, maybe one of them has a noisy water pump on their camper or something??

Nope, it's the vent on the top of the pit toilets. (sigh)

Maybe we can climb up there tonight when no one is looking???? :-)

After breakfast, the four of us cleaned up camp as quietly as we could (we were sharing our site with one other couple from the group), and headed out for some hiking around the lake.

Our goal was to take the West Bluff trail along the top of the bluff.....and then return on the Tumbled Rocks trail down along side the lake. When we were unable to find the trail head for the WB trail, we figured we'd find it on the other end and reversed our route. (successfully finding the WB trail on the other end)

The hike was gorgeous!!! Amazing views of the lake, both from lake level and from the top of the bluff.


Part of the trail going starting to head up the bluff.

Do you see that outcropping there? It's straight down...sheer cliff.....really, really high up there! Do you see that little ledge to the right of the round boulder? Do you see how that would look like an awesome place for me to go??

I think I scared the daylights out of Mel....but that's exactly what I did.

The view, while standing on the other side of that round boulder, was amazing!!!!!

Good thing we didn't need help. :-)

(read the white sign - click on the picture if you need to make it bigger)

We arrived back at camp around noon to eat lunch.

(mental note.....mixing the Garlic and Butter side dish, with the Dirty Rice side dish isn't as bad as you'd expect - giggle)

After lunch we went into town to find a snorkeling mask for Mike.

From there we headed to the Lost Canyon tour, and activity Mel found online.

Was it touristy? Yes.
Was it fun? Yep!!!!!!!

That's Barnaby, our tour guide.

Pardon the blurry pictures. My little waterproof, crushproof, freezeproof, Motproof camera just doesn't do very well with fast action shots! :-)

This is Dick the horse. His buddy Jed is standing right beside him (you can kinda see his ears above Dick's head).

(Oh, I can only imagine how many blog hits that sentence will bring.)


After the canyon tour, we decided to find a boat tour of the Dells. I mean, we're there, we may as well.

Mental note: When putting in the address on a ticket booth, confirm that you also enter the correct city. 107 Broadway in Wisconsin Dells is a ticket booth....107 Broadway is Baraboo is a thrift store. :-)

Since we missed the boat (literally) we went back to camp to eat dinner. Hobos over the campfire...yummy!!!

We spent a little time roasting marshmallows over the fire...then headed to bed.


MJenks said...

I camped once up in Brown County, Wisconsin. My girlfriend at the time took me on a driving tour of Door County and we got out and explored some.

Wisconsin is a beautiful state. It's one of those states that I had on my list of places I could live.

Maybe someday. *sigh*

And the canyon thing? That's seriously rock-erotic enough for me. Look at the strata on those canyon walls!

*in love*

Nej said...

It's the second time I've been to Wisconsin, and I really, really like it there. It's expensive to get into the parks, but it's worth it.

Their mosquitoes are legendary though. I was a few pints short after the long weekend. :-)

MJenks said...

Fortunately, I was warned of the mosquitos, so I fully immersed myself every day in OFF, like Achilles being dunked in the River Styx.

When we were there, a tornado actually touched down just north of Green Bay. (Un)Fortunately, we didn't see it, but some stuff got blown around in the storm.

Nej said...

The annoying little beasts introduced themselves to us within the first two seconds of leaving the we took evasive maneuvers (deet) immediately. Probably took three years off my life from all the chemicals, but I made it through the trip with very few bites. :-) :-)

Natural disasters while camping, that's a whole blog post of it's own for my family.