Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #6

We're getting closer to the present day...really, we are!!!

Memorial Weekend, 05/30-05/31

So, there we were, driving to Plattsmouth, NE to meet up with Mot's parents. The four of us had planned a trip to Western Nebraska to visit graves of family members, and to get a tour of the area Mot's father grew up in.

5 hours later, we pulled into town and headed towards the cemeteries.

The weather was skies, cooler weather......and windy. maybe the windy part wasn't perfect.....but it wasn't horrible either. :-)

Mot and I brought along the GPS to map the grave sites. Will be much easier to find them in the future this way!!!

If anyone in the family wants them, just let me know.

On our way home from Plattsmouth, we were asked to stop by for a drink.

This time Steve and I didn't have to work, so we were both able to enjoy a beverage or two.

The next morning....Steve and I met up with Val and Dee for a little golfing.

When people ask me if I golf, my answer is always "well, I own clubs." I'm no good at it really, and hadn't been out for about 7 years. But, we had a blast!!!!!


MJenks said...

Wow. That last picture with the tree in it certainly does look like the stereotypical western Nebraska!

Nej said...

@ mjenks - Western NE is VERY stereotypical in some regards. :-)

(I think it's the reason that last picture spoke to me when I took it. A perfect movie location spot.)

It's amazing the difference in "topography" (for lack of a better word) between east and west.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that's a good idea on the GPS! I always lose my grandmother. But oh wait...I don't have have GPS. Never mind. :-) ;-) :-)

Nej said...

@ Jill: I don't know the area at even finding the cemetery was going to be a challenge. :-)