Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #10


Mom and dad took a week off and took their camper up to the Lake Okoboji Iowa area. When they were getting ready to leave, they moved their camper to a different park and left it up there. Both of them had to work a week, and then were heading back up for another week, and taking the grand kids with them.


Mom wanted to head up to make sure the camper was OK...and asked Mot and I to go along.

And who are we to complain about a short getaway to Okoboji? :-)

We left Saturday am as soon as Mot got home from work.

Sam was ecstatic that we were taking her along. (Isaac would rather stay at home....he's a pretty nervous traveler.)

As soon as we arrived, Mot took Sam to the lake. He needed to run a little bit of her black lab puppy energy out of her.....or we were all going to loose our minds. :-)

When we got back to the campsite, Mot walked over to talk to the campers across the road. As you can tell, Sam wasn't happy that he left without her.

He waved over at me, and I let her go over to visit. She's so shy!! :-)

Mom and I went into town (Spirit Lake) while Mot stayed back at the camper. He hadn't gotten much sleep at work the night before...and I thought we'd give him some time to read and relax.

Sam, our little lap dog, was completely cool on the idea as well!!!!

While we were out and about, mom picked up a game called Bananagrams. I'd seen it in the airline magazine the last time I flew south for work....and we thought we'd give it a try.

A pretty good sized storm moved into the we cooked our steaks outside really quick and then the three of us played the new game all night. It was actually quite fun!!!

(But don't ask Mot the definition of a proper noun.)

(love ya hon!)


After about 17 hours of Bananagrams (slight exaggeration - closer to 3 or 4), we made the beds and hit the sack.

Sam slept with me. :-)

The next morning I got up early to do my run for the weekend. It was hazy and misting slightly the whole time....but I love running in that kind of weather!!!!


MJenks said...

How can you differentiate between proper nouns and common nouns when all the letters are in capitals???

Nej said...

Uh oh....I can't let him see that...he'll use it as a real argument. :-) :-)