Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update: More Awesome Music...and the birthday party (part 2)

After returning to town from our trip to Des Moines, we met up with Mot for bowling league...then rushed down to the Worm for Steve's bday party!!!!!!

Mot absolutely couldn't wait until the food started being put out. He was first in line.

Eat the Worm (Natalie, you really need a website for me to link to!) and O Dining supplied the most excellent vittles.

Danny had me get ahold of our mostest favoritest local bluegrass band, Southpaw!!!!!, and have them come play at the party!! Here's a picture of the birthday boy and the band!!!

They were totally awesome, as usual!!!!

(By the way guys, if you're reading this, I had Soper's Mill in my head for three days straight after that night! And thanks again for coming to play! We can't tell you how much we enjoyed it!!!!!!)


Of all the pictures on my camera, this is the one of me. (hehehehehehe)

This couple came to the bar to see the band. I know that Steve sat at their table for quite some time. And I had a couple of long talks with him. Nice people!!!! I love how common interests bring strangers together!!!

It didn't take long before more people headed back to kick up their feet a little.

The video crack, I mean video game machine on the bar kept the kids occupied for most of the night. :-)

Some of the marvelous desserts being served.

The crowd behind the video game grew and grew as the night went on. :-)

Happy birthday again dude!


Brook said...

Hey! There were beads in that last pic...Looks like a fun time again-how great to have a catered bar party! Awesome putting it mildly. So what's the deal with that video game? Does the guy end up naked or something?

Nej said...

The party was great! He deserves it!!!!!

No, the game was a "find what's different" thing. Two pictures, and you have to point out the differences. Each picture was of a good lookin' dude, wearing barely anything. I kept yelling, "his crotch, his crotch!" Good thing the bar was full of people who already know I'm nuts! :-)

Brook said...

Crotch in that case would be the only answer...
glad I don't have to work tomorrow...

Nej said...

Wish I didn't have to work today!!! Sleeping in, puppy laying in bed beside me, blue skies (hopefully, by this afternoon, the weatherman promised!).....get some yard work started....take the dogs for a walk.....

Heck, washing the windows sounds like a better option than coming in to work. :-)