Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update: Butterflies, Parade, and a birthday party!!!!! (part 2)

After our trip to the butterfly house....we ran back to the house to change. We were going from a tropical climate, to rainy St. Louis climate. :-)

Turns out, St. Louis decided to hold their St. Patty's day parade while we were in town.

I think that was pretty nice of them, if you ask me. :-)

I also found out that the St. Louis holiday parade is primarily an excuse for people to drink heavily (duh!) because the public intoxication laws are apparently thrown out the window.

We didn't have a cooler on wheels in tow....and we stuck out like a sore thumb! :-)

The weather ended up being much cooler than we expected. Linda saw a woman walking around with Green gloves from an alcohol vendor...Baileys maybe? She stopped the woman to ask where she'd gotten them. The nice lady told her someone was giving them away at the end of the parade route.

As we were walking away, the lady asked my aunt if she needed gloves...then proceeded to pull her own personal gloves (not the green ones from the parade) out of her purse and hand them to her.

Later I found out the woman's sister had given her own gloves away earlier, and she wanted to show her sister that she could be just as giving.

Sibling rivalry...gotta love it!:-)

There were very few floats. A handful of marching bands.....and only one of those that had a drum corp that actually walked, with their instruments. All of the others were trucked along behind the band....or the walked behind rolling contraptions.

When did drum corps get so lazy?

After the parade (the longest drunken parade ever!), we went to Pi for lunch/dinner. The pizza was excellent!!!!!

And after dinner....I HAD to go get a "fix" of one of my favorite of St. Louis desserts!!!!

Hadn't been to Ted's in years and years!

Sunday morning came way too soon. :-( We headed home after eating breakfast.

And, because it was lunchtime as we were passing through Kansas City...we just HAD to stop at Arthur Bryants for BBQ. :-)

Once we got Sam home, we turned around and headed downtown for John's bday party!!!!

(to be cont)

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