Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Update : 36 It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite it to tears!!!! :-)

Last weekend (Oct 24th to be exact) I was invited to a Halloween party. The theme - dead celebrities.


I had a ton of ideas in my head.....I asked for suggestions from friends....I was swimming in awesome choices......

But...due to time constraints, and traveling for work, I opted for one of the easier celebrities....Amelia Earhart.

I borrowed my mom's leather bomber jacket (thanks mom!!)....some knee high brown leather boots from my closet....some brown plaid knickers (knickers, what a fun word! *giggle*) from my closet....a white shirt from my closet....and then a white scarf, brown bomber hat, and goggles from Amazon. (thank you Amazon!)

At about 8:00 or so, the boys.....oh, I mean Steve Erwin and Mister Rogers stopped by to give me a ride to the party.

(Steve Erwin's gecko kept changing colors all night. He'd found a bunch of them at the dollar store, and people kept doing double takes as he switched them out.)

(Mister Rogers shaved his beard. I didn't recognize him when he came to pick me up.)

The three of us walked up to the party house (awesome party Val and Dee...thanks!!!) with our coolers in hand....where we were plied with alcohol and food all night long.

Between the Scooby Snack shots (Don't ask me what's in those things, I can't remember) and the margaritas I'd brought along with me, I was soon feeling no pain.

Heck, I was soon unable to walk up the TWO stairs from their patio to their deck.

Pain was the least of my worries. :-)

I was forced on "stage" during the talent show part of the evening. I don't know what I did. I think I just yelled "Amelia....wooooooooooooo"...or something similar.

That's me...oh so quick on my feet.

(shaking my head in shame)

After that, the details get a little fuzzy. Supposedly (or so I'm told) I did some tequila shots, which I'm sure didn't help my memory any.

You see, I'm a happy drunk. Actually, happy doesn't quite describe it, from what I've been told. Uber happy. Goofy happy. And loud about it.


Mister Rogers, Carmen Miranda, John Denver and Steve Erwin

John Denver smashing his guitar after singing a song for the group, while Ceasar watches.

Johnny and June cash singing for the group.

I don't remember what Bob Ross did for his talent....but his costume was awesome!!

Our two Marilyn's got up to sing us a song as well.

Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Kurt Cobain and Billy Mays stopped by.

Steve Erwin stole Carmen's hat.

Then he put his orange gecko on the fire.

Mister Rogers tried to take it off the fire, but soon gave up. The toxic fumes chased us all from the area. :-)

I don't remember going home. Actually, the last thing I DO remember is standing in the doorway to their kitchen....staring out into the living room at a couch I really wanted to sit on.

But it was waaaaaaayyyyyyyy over there.

I eventually made it to that couch. Was probably a source of entertainment for any lucky enough to watch.

Then I remember the boys helping me outside and to the car. Well, I remember them helping me off the couch and out the front door....not so much getting to the car.

Then I remember walking to my front door (with help).


After I got the door open, and the boys left...I walked straight to the bedroom and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning wearing my whole, hats, aviator goggles...the works.

When Tom got home, he asked if he needed to put the dogs out. I told him that I didn't put them away when I got home. But a few hours later, he walked out to the garage to find them in their kennels.

Oh yes, I walked straight to the bedroom when I got home. But at some point in the night, I'd gotten up....walked through the bedroom, through the kitchen, down 4 really steep steps (older house), through 2 doors (without locking myself out), through the garage, opened the door for the dogs, put them away in their kennels...then navigated myself back into bed.

I have no recollection of these events.

I took 154 pictures that night. 20 or so of them were in focus.


Goody Two Shoes said...

That's a lovely story and after I lecture about your drinking, (ok, I'm your mom it's my job) I have to wonder, are there any pictures of your costume?????

Post them please.

Brook said...

Sounds super fun, and crazy to boot. Nothing like a good party. And a good party was had by all it seems. How great to have such good friends-really good friends. Of course how could you go wrong with Mr. Rogers looking out for you and Steve Erwin backing you up. The dogs may forever remain a mystery.

Nej said...

@ mom - I have no pictures of my costume. I asked Steve to see if Val or Dee had any. But they've been in New Orleans all weekend, coming back today. (then we're heading out of town with them tomorrow) :-)

@ Brook - really, really, really good friends. I guess, when we pulled into my driveway, I was looking for my house keys. I'd given them to Steve Irwin when we got into their vehicle earlier in the evening (so I wouldn't lose them). It was at this time, Steve Irwin dangled them in front of my face, and I guess my eyes lit up like a puppy who's just seen her favorite toy. Then, he got out of the car, and jangled them outside my car door, so I'd open it up and get out.

I don't know which is worse...him leading me to my house like dog or small working. :-) :-)

Badass Geek said...

20 in focus? That many, huh?

Sounds like you had a blast, even if you don't remember parts of it.

Nej said...

@ Badass - Yeah, I've never drunk myself into a mind-erasing stupor before. Memory loss - so not cool. :-)

If you are ever looking for a decent pre-mixed margarita to take with you somewhere, look for Stinky Gringo. I added some more tequila and fresh lime to it before I left - which probably didn't help matters either. :-) :-)

Slyde said...

that sounds like a great party!

Nej said...

@ Slyde - it was.

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