Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Kentucky Vacation, Day 4: Horses, bourbon.....are you seeing a trend here?

Mot talked to a random stranger at the track the day before (go figure...Mot talking to random strangers!). Anyway, the nice man told us to come back to the track in the morning. Between sun up and about 10 am, you can watch them exercises the horses on the track.

Well...you didn't have to tell us twice. We loaded up the car with all our luggage (today was our last day there), grabbed the sweet treats we'd purchased at a distillery the day before (lemon bars, cheesecake, brownies), got a 1/2 gallon of milk, and headed out.

There was still some fall color on the trees lining the entrance to the track.

We sat up in the boxes to eat our sweets...but eventually moved back down and stood along the rail.

The riders (trainers, jockeys....?) would ride up to us while resting the animals to talk and answer questions. This gentlemen had a rockin' accent of some kind. Norway, Sweden, Finland....something like that.....yah.

Beautiful creatures.

After we were done eating, and done watching, we headed off to two final distilleries before leaving town for good and heading home.

First stop, Wild Turkey.

Compared to the other distilleries, we weren't impressed. In fact, besides going in the gift shop to look around, and taking one or two pictures from the parking lot, we didn't go anywhere else.

It was very...well...industrial. Grey metal buildings....hard lines....very Joe vs The Volcano.

Second stop, Four Roses. I'd never heard of it....but during the tour, I found out why. A number of years ago, the business was purchased by a large corporation (to be left unnamed), and their product was made and shipped overseas only. It was unavailable in the states until 5 years ago.

They are slowly spreading their product back into the US market.

Sadly, after this stop, we had to hit the road for home.

It was a great long weekend, road trip!!!!!! Life is all about the journey.

(you can see all the pics I took on my Webshots page)


Brook said...

I am in danger of repeating myself. So I won't. This looks like one of the best mix of laid back but still doing stuff vacations, and those are hard to do.
My WV is "inabler" is that the opposite of enabler?

Nej said...

No, I think it's like grey or gray...just depends on where you're from. :-)

And, if we were closer to each other, the inabler/enabler thing would be a daily occurrence. :-)

Badass Geek said...

Great pics!

What type of camera do you have?

Nej said...

@ Badass - thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canon 50D, new toy as of Sept. My 30D died a horrible, tragic death last year. :-(