Thursday, October 1, 2009

The worst invention ever!!!

Dear makers of wallpaper, and wallpaper hanging products,


I've spent two nights this week doing nothing but wallpaper removal, and I just don't get it.

I mean really, who p*ssed in your Wheaties? Who rained on your parade?

Why on earth would you do this to the human race? I don't get it????

Wallpaper has to be the worst invention to eyelash curlers and at home hair removal "systems."

Please cease and desist production of all products, effective immediately.

And another thing, I'm asking - no, demanding you delete all pictures of people looking happy while removing your products from walls. It's a lie. It's misleading. And it's just plain wrong!!!

Nej "sticky fingers" Omaha

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Ookami Snow said...

We had this joy with our new house. However the best was the last room we did. The previous owners used caulk to stick the edges of the wall papaer down. CAULK!!!

That was the most frustrating things I had to deal with over the last year.

(Second most annoying thing was when the previous owners uses elmers glue to stick down some wall paper in the bathroom.)

Nej said...

@ Ookami - caulk and elmers glue??? Oh man, I'm glad we didn't come across that!!! :-) :-)

Ookami Snow said...

Here is what worked for us: peel off the top plastic layer. Spray the paper underneath very well with water (until soaking) let sit for 15-20 minutes. come back spray again and then start to peel it off. The wait in between the soaking really makes the wallpaper come off so much easier. That is unless they use glue that isn't water soluble, say like freaking caulk!

Nej said...

That's pretty much exactly what we ended up doing. I took the steamer along the bottom to loosen the ends, then pulled the top layer off. Once I did that around the whole room, others came by with a steamer and got the lower layer off. We could have sprayed the lower layer down first....but I was enjoying the "facial" as well. :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

what no mention of the particle board glued to particle board. That truly sucked. I thought the wallpaper removal was a nice change from chiseling wood and glue off the floor.

love ya
Mot who still cant remember his silly sign on.

Nej said...

Well....I wasn't doing the chiseling, so I had no room to talk about it. :-) :-) :-)

If you put in the email you use, your password will just show up on that computer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Egads no its your puter. When we replace the upstairs dead machine then I will post with my sign-on.